I put nutrients in when i firts started the grow about 3 weeks ago when do i need to add more for the veggative growth


Generally, once a week the entire reservoir water is removed and fresh water and fresh nutrients are re-added. This interval of complete change-out may have to be done more frequently with some smaller reservoirs, or in certain systems with huge reservoirs can sometimes go longer. You need to keep an eye on your PH (acid/alkali) values and your TDS/PPM (total dissolved solids/parts per million) or concentration of nutrients. In some instances you can add a little bit of nutrients and water to top off the reservoir without completely changing the whole thing but you need to know what your starting ppm is, this way you will see the water level drop from evaporation and from the plants drinking it up and you will see if the ppm stays the same even as the water level is dropping. If this is the case your plant is using the nutrients and water equally, if your water level drops and your PPMs go up, the plant is drinking water faster than eating nutrients. So this all depends on when or if you should add more nutrients.


Yea i test my ph everyday and its average is about 7 most of the time and im using a 5 gallon bucket ana a 7 gallon buckst and its starting into the veggative stage its finaly branching so i just wanna make sure im doing the right thing


Especially in deep water culture hydro, you really want your PH closer to 5.5 and no higher that 6.0. You can get away with 6.5 but its not ideal for hydro. 6.5 to 7 is better in soil.


You need you PH @ 5.6-6.0 in hydro; Especially in DWC/bubblers. This is basic; “You better know”, stuff. :slight_smile:

In hydro; A PH of 7.0 will deprive your plants of potassium and other essential minerals. Marijuana thrives in a PH of 5.8; If you are growing hydroponically. Do not take these values lightly. This is not a guessing game. It is a proven fact that for the best results in hydroponic system; The pH is to be 5.8; Give or take a point! :mrgreen: