Hydroponic white widow


I just got my whiye widow strain in the mail thaks ilgm and they just popped, my question in should i put them in soil and them put them in my hydroponic bucket or should i just have them in the paoer towel until they come out the shell fully then put them int the hydro bucked and another question is white widow a hard strain to grow because im a beginner yea i go want a good yeild but i just want a healthy and good quality plant, ANY TIPS?


White widow is supposed to be a hardy strain that is a good strain for beginners to work with.

What do you mean just pop them in your bucket? In a net pot with hydroton/expanded clay pellets"? You probably need to start the seedlings in something like a jiffy peat plug or rockwool cube before throwing them in hydroton.

You should not normally grow in soil and then put the plant in hydro, soil can cause some problems with some hydro systems, depending on how they are setup.

The only way this really works is, and it kinda only works in DWC/Bubbleponics or Flood and drain systems that do not have small irrigation channels/tubes that might get plugged up with soil, if the plant that is grown in a small soil container and has become pretty rootbound, so there is not a lot of loose soil to fall through the net pot and cause a lot of problems. The rootbound “root ball” that comes out of the small container would then be buried in the net pot with hydroton. This is more an advanced technique and not one I would recommend for just anyone most of the time. You really have to know how your hydro system works and some of the potential downfalls.

Check out these two articles:


Yea i got the net cups and hydroton rocks what ive been doing is lettinf them sprout in the paper towle the put it in the rockwool and put it in net cuo with hydroton ive had soil plants converted to hydro but like yo said it didnt work out well out of 15 plants i only got 2 of thoes left i just dont wanna make the same mistake with the plants i got now


OK, sounds like you are on the right track then, good luck.