Hydroponic the PPM & PH problem

LOL. No worries. We cannot all be here 24/7. Glad you found a PH pen.

Is there nowhere you can order online in the East.

I did not know you were going to try and get GH organics. I used Flora Series for years, whgich is not considered organic but, is was developed for NASA, for their space food products.

Look forward to your next reply. Peace

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Sorry my bad i think i messed up the fertilizers. Yes im looking for the Flora Series, one problem though, right now im having a hard time keeping the PH stable, using distilled bottled water and battery acid as a PH down. Only thing i can think of is shitty liquid nutrients?

PH goes from 4 to 7 in just 3 days. I’m gonna keep a closer eye on this.

Yes yes there are places we can order online, alot of places, its just that the we aren’t really big on hydroponics here, its a niche market.

This is available right now, seller says he filled smaller bottles from the gallon bottles, guess ill just have to take his word for it. Lol

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I think Remo micro bloom and grow trio is better in my opinion !

Still having trouble keeping the PH stable, does temperature have anything to do with this? The water temp is around 31-33 Degree Celsius through out the day.

That is awesome. Developed for NASA and extremely respected. Use 1-1-1 5ml each. 1 teaspoon = 5ml.

5ml gorow
5ml micro
5ml bloom.

The water temps need to be around 18-202 C

You hsowed me tiny pots, and some 20-30 liter pots. It is easier to keep waster/solution cooler in a bigger reservoir. 5 gallon is best for small hydro. Having to use a chiller of any type is a pain in the butt but, you have to decide how labor intensive you want to be.

Let me know what you think. Sorry, I was ill for a couple days.

So Bro,

With your new pen, what ph is your source water registering.

What is the measure of nutrients you applied?

What was the ph after you added the nutrients?

did you add each part seperately to the water?

Talk to you next time.

Do ebb & flow systems require a consistent water temperature too? I mean to ask this because if the roots are too be flooded and drained in a few minutes, would water temperature really matter here?

BTW these are some pics of my hydro plant, with pruning.

Yes…100% Water needs to be in ther range I taught you, otherwaise, you roots will turn to mush…Easpecially in ebb and flow.

I gotta tell you. Noob you are doing this the hard way. I wish I could get you into using a more acceptable hydro system.

Your lights appear to be too weak or too far away, without even knowing what they are. I can tell Your plants are tall and stretched. Do not take offense. I am going to always be honest and tell you what I see. If you want to grow using hydro method, you need to upgrade your vessel which are entirly too small, and inefficient.

What medium is in the cloth pots I see? Let me know. I believe you need to settle on a way to grow, a better system, and stick with it. Whether it is hydro or not.

Talk later.

Can you go to a grocery store bakery and ask for used cake frosting 5 gallon buckets? Any 3-5 gallon food grade buckets…Maybe pickles. Any food grade buckets will work. You need much more water to keep the temps down. I will look for some videos on utube for you, and show you home made, DIY ebb and flow, and bubbkers. If I were you, I would run my water through an RO unit.(I showed you one). I would use bubble buckets. Even though bubble buckets will eventualy allow the temps in the reservoit (the bucket), it takes a lot longer for the res’ to get too hot.

  1. The plants suck up the sol;ution/water once in veg to drink enough so it is necessaty yo add fresh colder water daily. The first thing is to grow less plants and use bigger hydro bubblers to achevie max. quality and yield with less effort. The most effort you will have is adding water 2-3 times a week.

Hope to keep helping, my friend.

Ive changed to 5 gallon bucket, working on keeping the temperature low now. How often would i have to change my nutrient water?

Is this one stretched too?

What options do i have to cool water temperature, right now i have to drop 10-12 degrees C to reach temps of around 18-20. Not looking for something labor intensive, something electronic maybe?

Captain, i’ve been working silently on this, i have a reasonable idea of the ebb and flow system now, (Don’t have reasonable aquarium chillers here, so gonna DIY this part). I got the 5 gallon buckets, the air pumps.

Could you help me decide which one is the best Aeroponics or Ebb & flow?

A question that has been bouncing around in my mind, for instance if i do control the reservoir temperature in an Ebb and flow system, once the nutrient water flows through the system, what’s keeping the plant’s roots from going back to room temperature?

i.e. If im working in an ambient room temperature of 30 Degrees C, and the reservoir temp is 18 Degrees C, once the water flows through the system, what’s keeping the plant roots from going to 30 Degrees C, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of temperature control in the reservoir?