Hydroponic the PPM & PH problem

Cloner. We can talk about that later. Cart before the horse kinf of thing… :slight_smile:

Im doing indoor. Cant really control the humidity, but its north of 50 percent always. I got all the hydroponic stuff except the plastic totes. I got pumice rocks on hand and a few rapid rooters, also net pots.

The seedlings are just struggling, yes i’m gonna try and save them.

We can work with 50% humidity. Cannabis adapts.

Totes mean what???
Amaxon pictue or pictue from anywhere…LOOL

Have to be careful.

You need air pumps ofr aeration of the rootzone. Fish tank pumps and bubblestones, etc…

I’ll get a smaller bucket for the cloning box (Seedlings). Ignore what i said about totes

Just point me in the right direction, i mean just tell me what you would be doing for a fresh batch of seedling in terms of:

  1. Cloning box ( if u deem it necessary)

  2. PH of water

  3. PPM of water

  4. Temperature / humidity

  5. Light

First. You need to start seeds and cine you have PH control. I would PH a jug of water at 6.0 +/-.2

I wonder if your rocks are inert.

PPM of water. At what point? Seeds. No ppm - 100 or so if natural well water. Perhpas 100-200 ppm of bloom.

3-4 weeks after estanlsihed root zone (4-5 alternating nodes) 400-1200 ppm depneding on concept. Veg at 1200 ppm. This owuld be 1-1-1 at 5 nl oer gallon of each part.

Teamp using LED lights are different that HID lamps, and therefore can be used to grow at a slightly 10-20% higher temps, amd humidity. Best way to know for sure is to buy a didgital leaf surface temperature meter.

Yiiu have lights and the only upgrade I oculd advise you about is Full Spectrum white light for entire grow. Otherwise; Grow with what you have. Lights are notyour big issue. you need to get a couplesuccessful grows finished, before worrying about being perfect.

Are you OK? I thought we were making headway. We almost ogotthere. Now that you can control PH, you should be good to go.

Please get in touch. I have wondered where you have been these past few days.

Start with 1/2 the PPM feed chart says then read everyday to see if it goes up or down to see if PPM need to be higher or lower.


All good here, thanks for the concern brozzer. Was out of town for a few. I’m gonna start a new batch of seeds now.

Using distilled water, with a PH of 5.8 and a PPM of 200 maybe.

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Meaning. Depends on how much the plant uses?

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When the plant takes nutes up the same amount as water the PH says where you set it.

Brother need your help with this one. It’s like 8 weeks old.

Nute deficiency? Or burn? The leaves below are dying the leaves above have burnt edges and discolorations.

I Corrected the PH to 5 today (I know it’s not ideal but i, hoping the solution will PH will increase over the course of a few days) and PPM of 900 using the GH hydroponics aggressive vegetative growth.

Day temps 30 Degree Celsius

Night temps 27 Degree Celsius

Awesome. That should work perfectly.

That is good advice, but let’ not get ahead of ourselves. I have used 3 part full strength from the get go, but there is merit in the member’s suggestion.

I’m still confused about the PH up, i made a baking soda solution and used that. Should i continue with that?

Also i think i found the problem, the seedlings were dampening off, the plug was wet as hell when i picked it up, so im gonna try keeping the things moist rather than wet. Got any pointers for me? I usually end up too dry or too wet with these starter plugs.

If you mean you used the 3-2-1 ratio…STOP!!!

Those leaves are toasted from too much Nitrogen.

Flush everything. Use distilled water and ph correctly to 6.0

I am concerned with the rocks you are using. If they are not inert (neutral PH), then that can cause a big issue for PH and for PPM.

You want a little plany like that at 400-500 ppm at most. Probably 3ml of each part. eml per gallon.

3ml Gorw
3ml Micro
3ml Bllom

I believe they can come bakc if you can flush them for a ocuple days using ph 5.8-6.0 ph in distilled water. If/when they perk up, use the 3ml or 1/4 tsp. per gallon 1-1-1

Will hceck back tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Why would you need PH up. If your tap water is 7.4, all you do is ph down little by little measuring how much ph down it takes to get to 5.8-6.0 ph and leave it.

Never go off PH scale, because every .1 off ph you go, you deptrive the plant of one mineral or another.

Also; I will talk about the rooter being too wet. Firstt. That does not make crunchy leaves; Once roots extend betyone the cube it really does not need to be wet at all.

My biggest concern is that situation with that grow vessel.

  1. Do you have aeration? bubbles

  2. Can you break it down and let me see what you have going on there? I would like to see inside the vessel.

If I were you, I would set up one of those buckets with am airstone or 2 and get to bubbling. Oxygen is as important as pH and I am afriad you may not be getting adequate Oxygen. I need to see thiose bubbles.

It is 4:30 pm Sunday here. What time is it there? We can set a timeframe to work together in real time and sort this out much faster. :smiley:

When i add nutes to water, at a PPM of around 900 the PH of my Nute solution drops to 2 ( unbelievable) and that’s where the PH up comes in. I’m actually doing much smaller containers and im playing with around a 500ml nutrient solution.

About the rooter, the thing is most of my seedlings die before breaking through the rooter. (Being too dry or too wet).

BTW i made a little DWC bucket for my seedlings. The idea being the bubbles popping below will splash around enough water and increase moisture in the air, keeping the starter plugs airy and moist.
Ill submit some photos later tonight (10 hours or so)

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My UTC is +5 hours. South Asia