Hydroponic the PPM & PH problem

Ph of 2 says your ph meter isn’t working


I got the sulphuric acid!

Ill get new meters np.

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That is fantastic. You can now function. I am so happy.

Please answer 3 qurdtions. Even if you have told me before; I need this info in order to give you best hydro advice.

Once you get new ph, and tds meters.

  1. What is the PPM of your source water?

  2. What is PH of source water?

  3. Exactly what hydro method or system are you planning to use?

Please answer these questions and we can set you on a path to successful growing.

Note: You may need to buy a Reverse-Osmosis filter, if your ppm/tds is extremely high.

With kind regards. lw

Source/tap water

  1. PPM = 300

  2. PH = 7.4

  3. DWC method

I can get distilled water, the most nutrient free water i have is from the Air Conditioning drain (wicks moisture from the air). It has a PPM of 60

Oh…Hell eyah!!! We can kill it.

Get some Rockwool 1.5" ofr propagation.

You are almost set up for success.

What lights are you able to get? Please do not say CFL…If you do…No worries. We will find a way, as we did with the acid.

I am awake if you reply.

I got rapid rooter plugs on me. Right now i have


These two cheap grow lights. I have done a grow with the 2nd one, the plants like it (they dont die atleast lol)

This one is not as described, i cannot switch light modes but i think rest of the specifications are as defined

Let us keep talking.

So, you have a couple blutples.

You said you do not get amazon, but you showed me amazon items. Are you just using amazon as a reference to show me what you have?

Check next post message…

OK. if those are your lights. Many would say that they may not be the best lights you can egt. OK…That is OK…

That is what you have. We can always help you build your own, perhpas, or buy a better light. Keep in mind and stay positive. The lights you have will grow decent plants and you can upgrade later.

Your lights were not your downfall. It was the PH issue and water that needs to be Reverse-Osmosis treated. Distilled is great and I used it originally in my first DWC. that is a lot of water to tote around.

In the end, it was much cheaper to buy an EO unit, and I can link you to a rtpe I recommend for you ro find in your area.

I just googled the lights and thought it’d be easier if i gave you the amazon links. Okay, i’ll look around for R.O.

So for now ill be looking at :

  1. PH, get it to around 5.5

  2. Temperature. Day 30 Degrees C, Night 24 Degrees C

  3. PPM

I’m gonna build a clone box for my seedling, that a good idea? Get a air pump and a water reservoir, in the mix. What im imagining is ill leave a a little ( half inche gap) between the water level and the net pots, and hope the bubbles will splash enough water around to keep the starter plugs moist and airy?

Hold up…Not too fast. Thanks for the Amazon links. Glad you like that diea. Yes. I thought you were just showing me llights. We are on smae page.

No. Since you have acid. pH at 6.0.

We need to start at the beginning. where are you at? Starting over or trying to save the seedlings I saw last week?

  1. Your temps are OK for propagation and veg. Can you control temp and humidity? What is humidity.

  2. Indoor or outdoor

  3. You need ait pump and airstones. Netpots. and hydroton expanded clay ot some rock medium.

Cloner. We can talk about that later. Cart before the horse kinf of thing… :slight_smile:

Im doing indoor. Cant really control the humidity, but its north of 50 percent always. I got all the hydroponic stuff except the plastic totes. I got pumice rocks on hand and a few rapid rooters, also net pots.

The seedlings are just struggling, yes i’m gonna try and save them.

We can work with 50% humidity. Cannabis adapts.

Totes mean what???
Amaxon pictue or pictue from anywhere…LOOL

Have to be careful.

You need air pumps ofr aeration of the rootzone. Fish tank pumps and bubblestones, etc…

I’ll get a smaller bucket for the cloning box (Seedlings). Ignore what i said about totes

Just point me in the right direction, i mean just tell me what you would be doing for a fresh batch of seedling in terms of:

  1. Cloning box ( if u deem it necessary)

  2. PH of water

  3. PPM of water

  4. Temperature / humidity

  5. Light

First. You need to start seeds and cine you have PH control. I would PH a jug of water at 6.0 +/-.2

I wonder if your rocks are inert.

PPM of water. At what point? Seeds. No ppm - 100 or so if natural well water. Perhpas 100-200 ppm of bloom.

3-4 weeks after estanlsihed root zone (4-5 alternating nodes) 400-1200 ppm depneding on concept. Veg at 1200 ppm. This owuld be 1-1-1 at 5 nl oer gallon of each part.

Teamp using LED lights are different that HID lamps, and therefore can be used to grow at a slightly 10-20% higher temps, amd humidity. Best way to know for sure is to buy a didgital leaf surface temperature meter.

Yiiu have lights and the only upgrade I oculd advise you about is Full Spectrum white light for entire grow. Otherwise; Grow with what you have. Lights are notyour big issue. you need to get a couplesuccessful grows finished, before worrying about being perfect.

Are you OK? I thought we were making headway. We almost ogotthere. Now that you can control PH, you should be good to go.

Please get in touch. I have wondered where you have been these past few days.

Start with 1/2 the PPM feed chart says then read everyday to see if it goes up or down to see if PPM need to be higher or lower.


All good here, thanks for the concern brozzer. Was out of town for a few. I’m gonna start a new batch of seeds now.

Using distilled water, with a PH of 5.8 and a PPM of 200 maybe.

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