Hydroponic the PPM & PH problem

How does a person maintain, ppm and PH of a nutrient solution??

If i aim for high PPM ill get a awesomely low PH (because the more liquid nutrients i add the water the lower the PH). Also the general hydroponics PH up or down is not available in my area.



Applying nutrients will lower your pH. You’ll need to find a way to modify. I use pH Up/pH Down for my grows. Some household items can be used to modify pH such as vinegar or citric acid. Someone who uses these alternatives will come along and help you with some recommendations for these alternate pH modifiers. Not addressing pH will cause problems for you.


Mix nutrients in manufacturer recommended order, then adjust to desired level using ph adjusting solutions. From there monitor your levels regularly and adjust as necessary.

You’re going to needph adjuster if growing hydroponically. Doesn’t have to be gh, so I would just look for different brand.

I use advance nutrients ph up and down

Like others have said any brand ph up and down will work and @yoshi has suggested the swimming pool ph up and down. We use vinegar for down if outof the real stuff and hydrated lime purchased from farm supply, and actually you can take the limestone gravel from driveway and shake up in some ro water and get ph up.mixed in ro water makes a nice ph13 for ph up.

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Clorox ph up & down in the pool section at Walmart $7.63 per bag :school_satchel: will last you for at least 50 grows or more and it does not take much a pinch up or down .

I see unfortunaely GH is not available to you. Do you know of an Agriculture supply in your area, because we use phosphoric acid in commercial hydro greenhouse. Let me see if I can find any for you. It might take a day or 2

I hope you don’t mind if I post the GH links in case somone wants to know what we were talking about. Glad to remove them if you wish. :slight_smile:

This is best for lowering the ph down

And I prefer powder for raising ph up, because unless you use foxfarm trio, or your source water has an extremely low PH so start with, you own’t be needing ph up alot.

I could not find the poeder I trust, so here is a link to gh - phUp:

Hope this helps someone.

Are you not able to buy off Amazon? I just wanted ot clarify, because I foubnd phosphoric acid ph up on Amazon as well.

Here is something to look for in your area. It most likely will be a different brand.

I also would be wary of Pool grade ph up and down, because it is not the same thing, I believe you would find.

Let me know. I do know and have accounts with a couple ag suppliers, I can reach out to in order to find this, but you most likely cannot buy less than a gallon from an ag supplt company.


Yes they will. It depends on the nutrients, but a lot of quality hydro nutrients conatain a buffer ingredient in order to maintain a consistent ph.

You just have to find the companies that provide this buffer.

p.s. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Here is an interesting product you may be able to find.

I might get some of this. good luck, and Happy growing.

Haha. I use this very product to clean my pipes.

I am imagining you mean skoing pipes?

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Yeah. I have little metal pipes. I put a 1/2 teaspoon in a pint cup and pop it in an ultrasound machine for about a 1/2 hour. Comes out sparkling clean.

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I guess that is better than using the old slat based method, lol

Thanks alot bruv, but we dont have walmart or Amazon here. haha. Ill look into that pool PH up down solution now

Does any one have a chart for PPM and EC at different stages of growth?

I got like a PPM of 570 and an EC of 1240 its the plant is in it’s 5th week (total life). The EC too high?

So it’s safe to use swimming pool PH adjusters? Nice i didn’t think of that

Be very careful using pool grade. Even a pool company will tell you if you ask them; You cannot use this to grow. I would like to help you get something safe.

Actually: Do not

OK i understand now. No Walmart’s. I guess not.

So we know Citrus lowers the PH. Perhaps you can find an edible citrus oil and make PH Down. Vinegar is used occasionally in emergencies to lower PH.

I know there is a lot of hydro in your region. what do the farmers use? I am going to help you. We may be able to add minerals that would double as useful nutrients that would lower the PH.

Would you mind telling me what you make your hydro solution with? What’s init Man!? I will wait. :slight_smile:

Ec and PPM are relative. The same actually, but different measures.

You must mean 1.2xxEC not 12xx EC. @ 570ppm, you are in a good range. I use to grow hydro wiht 1500, but eventually settled on 1200 ppm. +/-

Pick one or the other. Use PPM or use EC. No need to use both, it is just confusing.