Hydroponic superstar led grow box

Okay I just bought a indoor growing box that is suppose to be top of the line. So, I just put my box together and it actually looks sturdy and hopefully efficient to make my plants yield more. I’m just waiting on the seeds to come in so I can start the exciting long but worth waiting process of growing some white widow xtrm feminized plants. I’m also a beginner, I DO have a green thumb but I don’t want to go in blindedly and mess up on my first grow. To make it even more stressful, the grow box I ordered didn’t even come with instructions so I’ve been using all these forums and you tubing as much as I can to enhance my knowledge. I would just like to know any major tips or suggestions I should I use as a beginner indoor grower. Thanks

Hi there, what you need to do is download the grow Bible here. Read it 2 or 3 times. Those grow boxes are really only room for 1 maybe 2 if you really know how to train them. You will run out of height in the box. It is a hydro box not soil? Right? I’m sure some help will chime in for the hydro help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but you have to read so you don’t mess up to start. Good luck.

On another note; It would be nice if you posted a picture of the system you are talking about. We do not always have time to search a product in order to guide you. Thanks :slight_smile:

A link would be nice to give a better idea as to the system you are speaking of

as a first time indoor grower myself, set a realistic budget to start (I broke my budget)
Location…electricity/water availability
lights, air cooled reflector hood for hot lamps if possible
fan speed controller
ph up, ph down liquid
ph meter, tds meter
decide the type of grow, soil, hydro
air pump (aquarium type, hydro grow),air tubing, air stones
vent tubing, calibration materials, power strips/surge suppressor

Read, ask questions, reread, get used to the terms used by the growers

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Yes we do speak a different language and get cranky lmao

Heres the link to the system. Let me know what you think. Thanks