Hydroponic nutrient solution

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I live in Iran, where my access to global information is very limited due to legal issues and political sanctions, which is why I am very upset and would like you to help me in this regard.

In my country, buying and selling most hydroponic fertilizers is prohibited. That’s why I managed to get a series of fertilizers from different companies. Unfortunately, I did not find a suitable nutrition program to use all these fertilizers together.

My fertilizers are:
1.advanced grwo
2.advanced bloom
3. advanced micro
4.advansed big bud
5.general hydropnics cali magic
6.general hydroponicd ripen
7.general hydroponics diamond nectar
8.general hydroponics flora nectar
9.general hydroponics armor si
10.general hydroponics flora licious plus

Can anyone give me a proper hydroponic dietary formula with these fertilizers that I have and tell me?
Do you think I need another fertilizer or is that enough?
Please help me in this regard, thank you🙏

Best thing I could find

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why do you use so much nutrients ???