Hydroponic info book

Can anyone recommend a book to explain how to set up a large commercial hydroponic grow room? I am also looking for a book to learn about cloning. Thanks for any and all your input.

Im sorry. Bob’s Grow Bible maybe of help. But id go check @peachfuzz @Grandaddy013 and @bryan’s journals. READ READ READ! Like when ur tired. Take a break. And read somemore. Those guys are awesome. And youtube. Hopefully one will chime in for ya. @DoobieNoobie has great hydro info as well as a few others around here. But those 3 above have it already written down somewhere. Best of luck regardless…

Also if they do chime in. U may wanna write down ur space/size. Media preference (if u have one… rdwc, flood thingies, etc) and how commercial ur tryna get. Ur in a GREAT place to pick brains


Your language is sending up big red flag’s…
Not trying to discourage you… but please do plenty of reading before you ever start to spend money or throw a hammer…
It’s super easy for some and not so much for others…
I would recommend starting out in soil if you’ve never grown before…
Get an idea of what your trying to accomplish…


I will look for Bob’s grow Bible thanks for the info. I will also look for those grow journals of the people you listed. I’m not really sure what you mean by throwing up red flags , would you please explain? I’m growing in the ground right now outside. I was just looking for a quicker turnaround on seeds or clones to mature plants. I’ve done a ton of reading a lot of it on this forum I was just looking for a book that had diagrams on how to Set up a system
Thanks again.

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Those guys I named are exactly who id ask when attempting anykind of setup Hydroponically

Ser Fuzz was just saying if you want to go commercial… having no experience hydro wise or even cloning may not be the best background. Running a 6 plant RDWC is hell. Running a 600 clone setup? Impossible for novice growers. Dont dive head first into commercial. Try to setup a small personal use experiment. Then add a bubble cloner and tinker around with timings and growing in water period. Add more n more… then u can probe for expansion. Have seen some amazing stuff around here but watchd grows go to :poop: for lack of knowledge.

Also growing commercially is a known money pit to start… baby steps grasshopper


You kidding? A tiny system can eventually cost ya $1000. I would check out @TDubWilly and his-one plant From it’s size I think he has the right idea


Thanks guys, that’s what I am looking for, information. I am just in the research stage and trying to learn all I can. Sounds like to me I will start with a small system and try to expand from there.

Before you can decide how your doing to set everything up, you need to decide what type of hydroponics you are going to do.

Deep water culture is great and easy but requires massive amounts of water to grow properly on the commercial scale.

Nutrient Film technique and Ebb and Flow (sometimes called flood and drain) are get attractive to commercial growers because it uses way less water.

Aeroponics is another way to greatly reduce the amount of water used.

You need to do you research on these

Deep water culture
Ebb and flow
Nutrient film technique

Amongst others and decide which type of hydro will work best for you on the scale that you are talking about and then go from there

Hope all is well @bryan



No luck TDub, back in hospital

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I’m not far behind you brother, I got cancer myself stage IV @bryan

Dang man. U dudes take care of urself. @TDubWilly seriously hate to hear that! Enjoy every moment man. N keep fighting


I’m sorry to hear that, both of you.


Thanks guys. Prayers sent your way.

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If ya need to know anything about it, I spent 18 years as hospice RN. I know a bunch about all aspects.

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