Hydroponic Grow

First time in Hydro, haven’t grown in over 10 years so getting everything together. Have a 36X24X70 tent

Ezcloner - Got cheap used
AC Infinity Exhaust + Carbon Filter
Putting together a build for a custom 3500k LED
DIY DWC thinking 2 plants to start.

ILGM White Widow

Nutrients - TBD

Getting back into it as I plan on going commercial here in the next year.


So had some great success in germinating all 4 - White Widow seeds. They sprouted two days ago on Feb 26th 2019. They are now in the Ezcloner and showing awesome root growth.

Working on my light

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Had some pretty good progress on the tent! Need to get full pictures of the setup and what I am doing.

I got part of the light complete, waiting on another panel to finish it. Had some low temp issues and had to put a small Vornado on a heat controller. Just the CFL in there so it doesn’t put out much heat!

I got one that sprouted today and others are close behind it seems.

I really was on the fence about the Ezcloner being able to sprout from seeds but I was amazed today.

I also am using General Hydroponics Flora & CAL mag at 1/4 strength.

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6 Days in -

PH - 6.1
GH - 1/4 Strength
24hr - Lights
Temp : 76F

Temp controller is working great, haven’t noticed much fluctuation in temperature. It’s a basement grow so a little drafty.

Little update on the grow. 8 days in. Finally had another break the surface. One still appears to be alive but not sprouting. Lost one for an unknown reason, the tail died off on it. It did germ though. Not bad! Will have my driver for my light today.


9 Days in. Added a screen to my intake vent, checked resevioir parameters. Turned on small fan to help strengthen the plant.

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Amazed at the growth overnight, they love the QB lights. My runt hasn’t quite rooted all the way but looks healthy. What you guys think?


Still good growth. I am a little unsure what the dusting is on the larger leaves. Overall looks healthy so not sure if it’s anythng

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great start @Unkindtay i know nothing about hydro and will watch to see what’s up. good luck on your grow!

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So far so good, even my runt is starting to root up nice.

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So got a little frustrated as you all saw in my other post. I didn’t update this after the plant in questions wilted and crumbled alway.

However after two weeks of literally no growth on my “runt” it literally sprouted a few new roots yesterday and grew over an inch or so last night :flushed::exploding_head:. Like all but gave up on it but figured what the heck.

image image

Also that’s not even the best part…
Literally an hour after that happened I grabbed X3 more White Widow Seeds and dropped them in water. I put these in rapid rooters yesterday after they opened while in the glass. Didn’t even use a paper towel to germinate. First time using rapid rooters and I’m an absolute believer now. Soaked them an hour with a low nutrient solution Last night 5pm the sprouts entered the RR

1155 Tonight great success.IM Amazed!!!

Is that abnormal or am I just imazed they sprouted already. :grin:, or maybe it’s the luck of the Irish! :shamrock:


Immediate redemption for my first plant dying! Someone like me in the Marijuana plant gods!

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Small ones above are:
6 days from seeds
PH 5.72
TDS 225

Larger one is runt of the others and is 25 days old. Went into DWC today, finally showed good growth so got her out of the cloner. Hoping a move doesn’t shock her too much.

DWC - Using top feed, roots reached far enough I think but just making sure.
PH: 5.76
TDS: 450 - Increasing slowly over the next couple days.
Lighting: 20/4

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10 Days Old
5.8 PH
400 TDS

Almost have my other buckets setup and running, they are still in the cloaker. Next two days should be in buckets!


14 days from seed, finally got my hydroton today and can move these into their own buckets. Growth is amazing, seems to almost double in size each night! Very happy with the results so far. Temps are more stable as I started heating the room it’s helping out a lot I think.

I’m thinking of hooking the buckets together and doing an RDWC system. It’s easy enough to put together and actually have most things I need to do it already.