Hydroponic first grow


afgan reg chopped this am any one know a nute that makes your bud more crystal on it ???


I think that’s the million dollar question… :wink:


Yea I know my weeds good but I want it better what u been up too same shit different day


Selling my baby I love this car but I love money too


Can someone tell me what’s wrong with my plant

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Unfortunately you have root rot. Pyrethrum is the technical term. You’ll need to treat with hydrogen peroxide. @peachfuzz can set you straight on the formula for that exactly.

You’ll need to change your growing conditions to prevent this next time. More oxygen in the water, and lower temperatures in the root zone.


Ok I have been putting frozen bottles in the tub u think it’s from being to hot I change the water once a week so I figured it out because my tubs are off the ground in the air so they get too hot now I put them on the ground because my floor is really cold so we will see if it helps my buckets in my closet don’t have root rot and it’s twice as hot any suggestions


You want 2" of air from nutes to net pot. Not sure :see_no_evil:but see how in the first pic it looks like the pot is about 1" in the water and that’s where the rot is and the roots higher out of the nutes look OK


So take some water out .I put them on the ground because it’s colder down on the floor


I change both tubs so they both got new water I’m gonna hold out on the nutes this week an see how it gos


I even just pull my seeds out of the water into a cube in hydroton spray it on top till spout comes out then into a 3 gal bucket with a 2" gap and let the airstone wet the hydroton watering the seed


Ive never done it put peroxide may work.


Ok I will give her ago see if it changes thanks I even put some root booster by pro mix


Yea someone told me that to put a cap full in your res it kills bugs root rot I also got the Canadian bubbler that has top drip and dwc I use it for veg doesn’t really work for clones


I started with 1 airstone per plant, 2 years latter they get 4 ea.


You’ll need more than a cap ful. I would bet it’s about 1ml per gallon.



ok same directions as the nutes 1ml for every gallon I think the light is shining through the blue tubs cuz my bucket in my closet has great roots and it’s twice as hot I’ll never buy blue buckets or tubs look at these roots


@Lostscuba you can still use them, you just have paint them black. I had to paint my yellow lids black.


That’s probably the reason for sure I’m gonna go grab new ones this weekend I Oder 100 feet of air tubing to build my box :package: it’s gonna look like Frankenstein but it gonna work​:+1: