Hydroponic first grow


What do u mean build on top


@lostscuba I can tell lol


@Lostscuba well I guess there’s no going back to soil you are hooked… grrrr I guess I’ll be next to make the hydro move… lol then imagi e that I’ll have you to guide me. Man it didn’t take you long to get the full gist of it huh scub. BTW are you a diver. I’m a divemaster, father owns a scuba shop, his second one actually. I usually divemaster on the weekends and carry the float. It’s all drift down here I. Florida…


No I got the name because I was a really good swimmer even swim with my eyes open just as a kid a was in the water every day So my brother buddy starts calling me scuba yea I like hydroponic because you crop faster you get more 100% increase yield. Easy to work with and NO bugs I am going to keep couple for mother’s for clones I plan on ruining 200 plants or more this summer


These are the net pods I’m using gonna have 8 of them with space between so they can grow nice with out problems um going with just water pump to spray the inside build my own sprays don’t know if I’m going with dwc set up but I don’t know if I should go with 5 in net pods or just little bigger any suggestions and air stones can forget those I’m gonna try to make this the mother box so It can run more then one at a time but this ones gonna be :brain: of them any one understand what I’m trying @garrigan65 @PurpNGold74 @Covertgrower @peachfuzz @Liljoe.


FYI, I recently tried growing and keeping moms in 5 gallon DWC buckets… I won’t ever do that again. All future moms and dads will be potted in soil going forward in an effort to keep growth manageable.

I’ve grown several big plants in 4" net pots. 5" should be fine.


I used the 4inch as well, interesting take on your reason for going back to soil.


Things just grow way more slowly in soil for me than they do in water. I had a mother plant over the summer that I took something like 30 clones from and she still took over my 4x4 veg tent on me after only a couple of months. Throwing a clone of her in a 3 gallon pot and letting her get root bound just helps me keep them smaller for longer.


@Lostscuba I agree with Bogleg on keeping mothers in soil.


Ok :thinking: I do kinda agree but don’t I have something going here with your guys help I still want to build it The tub is 5 feet long 3.5 feet deep I wanna do same style I’ve got now be will be able to hook another one to it by garden hose to flow the water so it gets lots of air water circulation will move the water causing air


So your saying they get way to big yo keep mother’s in buckets I use it for a veg box


You could do a SOG grow in it - my flood table is only 3x3:


You do a scrog with all of those must be a big bush I might try it I had that problem this year buds every where hanging


You think :thinking: I should put a fan on my bubbler get them moving stronger that’s always my problem the plant can’t hold up the bud what helps that strong stock branches


@Lostscuba light might be getting throught ur blue lid. I sprayed adhesive on my lid and stuck panda film on then you cut out the existing holes for ur net pots and u wont get light leaks.and i add some silicate for the strains that cant handle the heavy buds.


I got a fan for the tubs an I put frozen bottles inside but here’s hash p true og


I put stuff over the holes so far so god I’m gonna have to do what your saying for sure this is only 53 watt light image what’s gonna happen with 1000 watt ballast is gonna do


hash passion


baby purple macro