Hydroponic first grow


I haven’t been around for a while @Lostscuba you sticking out the hydro I see… “coming along you are” sorry for the Yoda quote…lol - last time I was on you had bought that $200 hydro set in a box…lol you’ve pieced together bits n pieces I see…:wink:


Yea you can make one better

then what I bought I slept for 18 hours must of been high yea I’m sticking out the hydroponic stuff way easier but I noticed they grow way faster so soon no dirt at all🤤


this is my purple macroine week three I think and four new seeds og true og hash passion and my mother clones . Just green I don’t know why it doesn’t stay :thinking::thinking::no_mouth:


My second bucket system is in play just ending the first week just cleaning up to make the flip to hydroponic new seeds popped 2 hash paisson 1 og 1 true og not ilgm but good strain


My first actual growing rockwhool cube x 3 but almost can cut clones already of course it’s my Afghan strain @Covertgrower @Newbrn @Liljoe and more


Looks like they’ll pull through, keep feeding them, and if they have roots, a little more light.


I just found this on my clones


My roots looked brown so I h

ad to cover the holes to stop the light from going into it so this is my handy work ![image|666x500(upload://hMeRWZEoeDgSkDqYtDYLrb7xtWI.jpeg) the other bubbler is not doing good and it has more bubbles I don’t understand one side grows and other it doesn’t my body count is at like 20 (clones)


Hey @peachfuzz I just did a water change 2 days ago and when I opened the lid today they was like brown ring in side my tubware all the way around so I changed it again is that because the light is getting in?


You should not have build up on your containers… what’s your temps… ? how much air you pumping…?



2 stones in each bubbling pretty good temperature 75.3 feeding them drops of feed every week so I don’t kill I do t know if it’s the clones or me killing them like the seeds are growing fine but the clones look good dying slowly


It’s even got a fogger inside well it bubbles


Water temps should be 68 degrees… over 72 you might be asking for trouble… :wink:



Still don’t know the temperature in the water I just been going my touch feel but I change the water with cold water I mean my room is 75



My new seeds 2 hash passion 1 true og 1 OG

they grow good in the bubbler I’ve been eyeing out containers all ready got a name for her and she’s not even build this time going with sprayers water pump gonna use 8 in pods or bigger. This is the momma bubbler to keep your mothers alive and well for clones of course mothers are sour kush jack hair Afghan og and ture og it’s call the mother bucker or if someone else has a better name??? @Liljoe @Newbrn @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 @kw_Bat @garrigan65


what size are these net baskets? 3inch?

Also, will they be transplanted into larger post at any certain stage of your grow?


They are 4 in and no they won’t be moved they are going to be moms I want the Rez bigger so then can get bigger gonna use sparyers at top to get the roots if the get too big have like dwc I’ll have rod bubbler they are only for clones them try keep them as long as I can


@Lostscuba looks like you have been busy.


Sure have on the hydroponic train full tilt a head