Hydroponic first grow


Nope. I dont feed til the cotylons (baby round feeder leaves) shrivel n die


Ok perfect I got so mad at my store bought bubbler last night I checked the clone I put in dirt Then checked the Canadian Bubbler no roots the one in dirt had so many roots I took it ran water though it then put it in the bubbler now it’s growing so the Canadian Bubbler sucks


Welp… there goes that experiment… was relatively cheap tho no?


230 bucks and came with other stuff too nice air pump and water pump and top drip I thought it would been bigger it’s small only good for one big plant so I will be able use elsewhere where should buy 20 and make them sell to amazon


So guys I tried to pop 2 seeds in to rockwhool and I thought they were Gonna make it now I have 3 mothers to be so every seed I put in rockwhoool worked so I will put pictures of them soon :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::partying_face::triumph::exploding_head:


Awesome congratulations :champagne:


Thank you so hash paisson and og kush going into the bubbler then off to the buckets should I go with three gallons to start


Hydro? Not my fortay. @Bogleg @Grandaddy013 help :joy:


As long as you can move the plant or replace the 3ga bucket with a bigger one later, then yes. I do this myself in DWC. In my case I cut holes in the lids on 14ga totes and just put the whole netpot lid from my 3ga pots right on top of the hole.


@Lostscuba That is how my one girl is. She is way behind the other. Scuba we are growing runts. :sunglasses:


Yea same deal I can just move it to bigger as I go doing seeds for clones getting ready for the summer gonna do sumthing out side in summer fields I hope🤫 I grow good inside but you get more out side doesn’t taste as good tho


Here are my new mothers hash passion and og kush here we go again


Here they are again they grew a lot in one day



Do u the temperature the grow room should be or the temperature of the water supposed @peachfuzz and humidity


At that stage 80%humidity and room temps between 75 an 80 degrees… :wink:



Rooms bounced 73 79 humidity is only 30 and the stick is for checking water temperature


Put them under a dome… should help…


Yea they are rooted now so they are good right just dont over feed them


My led light fell down in to my big leave plant I hope she can pull though it pretty much pancaked it hAd to cut a clone hopefully I can save it doesn’t look like this no more


Should recover okay. If you cloned it, it’ll look better.