Hydroponic first grow


I don’t have a Rez U seen it the Rez is inside so I should keep it cold


That’s exactly why I have separate control buckets hooked to my totes… I can add frozen water bottles and monitor ph and ppm without disturbing the plants… but you can still throw them into the blue totes… should be fine for now… but when the plants get bigger it will start to get harder to deal with… :wink:



Hindo kush is up same as purple Maroc wAiting on chem og x2


This is purple Maroc


Got 2 clones rooted 2 outta 6 it’s been 6 days I think don’t quote me on that but it’s a start of course it’s afgan reg


Yea I got. A couple 5 gallon buckets move to bucket system hopefully it gos good but I did realize that my self next month I’m make a huge one or 2 trying new method for cloning almost at 6 hydroponic plants thanks for the help guys @ @peachfuzz @Liljoe @Covertgrower image|374x500


All out of likes. But anytime!


Had to move here how long do u think tell she’s nice got six going I’m on my way to bigger buds and faster harvest this is the time where I retire my soil buckets :canada::canada::canada::canada::partying_face::partying_face::steam_locomotive::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling:


Not sure on that one, in about a week she will enough roots to support herself better. @Lostscuba


Ok nice my clonesgot nice roots but have you watched sea of green volume 3 or 2 1 I’ve been doing my homework my roots are almost in the bubbler on my way to freedom.

. @Newbrn


@lostscuba looking good. I will definitely check out the YouTube videos.


Yea they help big time but so does this site and it’s ppl most of the ideas are from here


@Lostscuba Yes the people on here have all been amazing . I am so glad I found this site.


Yea for sure you won’t regret it make sure u put up your baby’s


So far so good I got roots coming out of the rockwell cubes they are almost in the water the Canadian Bubbler has not produced any roots and it’s day five


The sick plant has dryed an now for test smoke I got. Half quarter of miss sicky

. The weed is bomb test good here’s my hydro grow finely after tons of clones . All different kinds @peachfuzz


Purple macroine as @PurpNGold74 calls it


3 weeks old now looks good doesn’t seem to be faster or I’m high but here she is purple Maroc It’s under 400 wat hps changing the bulb now

@PurpNGold74 @Liljoe @Newbrn @Covertgrower


She is creeping on along. Putting those toes down tho


Lol I popped a hash passion an og kush just in case it don’t go as planned show I be feeding it now @PurpNGold74