Hydroponic first grow


The big thing is no spider mites with hydroponic and get this I bought this bubbler ! And I ask about the product and they say it’s really small and can barely hold two full grown pot plants does any one have this !!! image I payed 230 bucks for this thing it’s comes with every thing. Water pump air pump so if I don’t like it I’ll tare it up and make my own outta those huge tubwares from Canadian tire here’s what he said …,> “You use both at the same time, though you could unplug the dripper pump once the roots are established. I have been running the drippers the entire time and has worked well. Be warned this thing is pretty small for four plants of any size.” @peachfuzz


So the purple Marco is in the bubbler. It’s loving it the white widow is almost up to so I guess it’s success two for two. Purple macro is flying she’s in the bubbler


Day 3 she’s out Should I leave the top off @peachfuzz


Yes… what’s the humidity in the grow room?


Don’t know probably really high it’s in the bubbler I keep taking it off putting it back on there clones in there to should I just leave it off still waiting on testers


Just watch how the clones react…
The seedlings should be fine… :wink:



Ok thanks again


So chem og has popped after all but I popped both so I’m gonna have two but the tail is small should I wait tell it’s bigger I put the other one in cube yesterday should pop up soon white widow broke it’s tail too so I think she’s down for the count and u can leave seeds in the dark the purple Maroc is the only one living @Liljoe @Covertgrower


This is what I’m gonna be transferred into what one should I throw it in


The tail should be about 1/4” long. It won’t hurt to leave it out for a bit longer if you want. @Lostscuba


Ok just didn’t want it getting bubbled to death so I didn’t put the lid on because it’s tail not even outta the little cube


I’m e new grower and I was hoping you would possibly share your root growing talent. Thanks


I don’t know why but “root growing talent” has me rolling on the floor @tmj085!


What do u need to know check out this bubbler totally wasted my money I guess I will have to use it for parts came with every thing

@tmj085 @Covertgrower @Hogmaster @Liljoe @peachfuzz


The top feed portion is useless… :wink:
Should be able to use the rest of it tho… :wink:



They was green gu on my hooses in my home made bubblers is that bad ??? @Hogmaster @peachfuzz


I’m not a hydro guy I’m soil sorry


Yes … green goo is bad… more then likely its alge… light must be getting into your resovior…
It won’t really kill anything , but it will steal nutrients from your plants… set the lid with the plants aside and clean everything up… and figure out where the light is getting in and fix it… :wink:



It’s hot in there too the rooms at 76 it’s only a little like 43 watts shit alright thanks my res is under the lid am I supposed to take the water out or leave a bit in the bottom


You could throw some frozen water bottles in your resivor’s if need be… :wink: