Hydroponic first grow


How much water should I have in my bubbler should there be enough to have the net pods under a in of water @peachfuzz


No… there needs to be a one inch air gap in between the bottom of the net pots and the water line… at some point after the plants get a lil more established you want the rockwhool to dry out and not stay moist anymore… :wink:



So the net pods should be ou

t of the water by a inch ??? @peachfuzz do the rock whoop cubes have to be inside the water all the time or just make sure they say wet??? This is what’s happening @Hogmaster @DWCNEWBIE


They are too wet right now… lower the water level enough that the cubes start to dry out… and when they are almost dry to the touch , just mist them with a spray bottle… :wink:



Ok thank you vary much I emptied out some water so they aren’t in the water I’ve lost about 12 clones them seem to moist and turns into mush I took out some water so they weren’t inside the water now there 2 inches out of the water now they are doing this when I used soil I at least got 15 outta 20 I’m getting frustrated man really to quit just ain’t going my way


Do you think it’s because I did cut off good clones this is what I’ve been cutting


It take a minute to get the hang of hydro , but once you get the hang of it , you will never go back to soil…
If those are clones , you would be better off just throwing them in a deep bowl of water with an air stone in it with no rockwhool… I only use rockwhool to start seeds… clones go straight into water… I’ll get you some pis here in a little bit… :wink:
No … that is a good clone… the rockwhool is to wet and drowning them… I know it sounds ironic… but they would do better in a cup of water without the rockwhool… :wink:


This is what I’m doing


Then these are my seeds

Should I just put the seeds under a light with out water just in the cube wet? Every time I take the lid of the bubbler they start to curling upp


What’s the temperature on that heat mat… ?
I would get rid of the heat mat and put the light as close as possible to them… :wink:
Rockwhool is kind of a pain in th @$$ to clone with , if your not used to using them… I still have trouble myself sometimes when using them… :wink:

I’ll get you some pics in a few… :wink:


Should I take the seeds out of there might be too wet ?? The heat Matt 10to 20 -f. This is all new to me I’m only switching because u get 100% more weed I just don’t wanna lose seeds plus my running outta room my white widow seeds popped and purple Maroc popped just waiting on Chem dog :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::canada:


leave the seeds in the rockwhool…
Your clones would be better off , in only water…
Have to run out and take care of flower room real quick… then I’ll be messing with my clone and vegg area… I get you some pics… :wink:



As soon as I take off the dome from the bubbler the leafs start curling is that because it’s to moist @peachfuzz @dwcgrower


So I’m gonna say f…k it leave the lids off and see what happens hopefully the seeds pop out the cubes 2 days now got them under light is that all right??? If not tell me


Yea one died over night I just. Don’t understand this shit lid on or off


Move to the soil side Luke!


Lol already there

Purple Maroc is first one. Up


I’ve got two pumps hooked up one each a 200 then. 50 they bubble good I’m usin rockwool cube what are the circle ones called


Move to the hydro side @LoCoRock … ha , ha ,ha… will tag you to my thread … went from soil to hydro… watch the journey… if you like?
Scroll to the top for all the good info… :grin:


I’m watching @peachfuzz - we shall see!! I don’t know though there’s definitely pros n cons to both. I like soil, mother nature likes soil + it worked out good for Matt Damon in the Martian too.