Hydroponic first grow


Here is another simple set up that I use for cloning and vegging… :wink:
One 5 gallon control bucket and one 3 gallon bucket for holding the plants and I just use different lids for cloning or vegging… :wink:



Aaaa is so the pipe coming off the bottom of the bucket is just open it does go back inside the bucket


I use a little water fountain pump that I get at Lowe’s for $19 bucks… :wink:

I like these pump the best because they already have a filter around them so the don’t ever clog up and the plastic cage that goes over the top keeps it from getting smashed when I’m throwing frozen 2 liter bottles in there… :wink:



Rdwc… arrow doesn’t hold enough water for me and seems way to finicky… @MAXHeadRoom is the man when it comes to arrow units… I like less moving parts and I like things simple and for me this is what fits the ticket…
Maybe @MAXHeadRoom will tag you to one of his threads … :wink:



Yea I grabbed one off eBay for 15 bucks and a fogger. HAd to gram another air pump for my second bin one pump wasn’t cutting it does it have to bubble lots or just enough to move the water and I was thinking maybe doing hindo kush and Chem dog and purple Maroc do you think that’s a good idea to start a seed in the bubbler???


I would say to get at least a 951 gph air pump with 6 outlets… anything less then that and trouble will follow… :wink:



So any idea what one I should pop if they were yours what would u do and can u stArt seeds in rock whoop. Cubes


I don’t know how much room you have to work with… but I would drop one of each… :wink:
And yes , I start seeds in rockwhool… that seems to be the best way for me when starting new stock… :wink:
Just make sure to keep temps up around 75 to 80 deg and humidity above 65% and they should take off and make sure that the rockwhool doesn’t dry out , but dont keep it super wet either… :wink:



Ok thanks so how does it work the seedlings sprout an grow 5 in then u usually transfer. So you just let em go and the baby stem hardens you know what I’m talking about right


I will get you some pics in a little while… it will help me explain better… I still have some new seed in my vegg unit that will help you understand… I also have some clones in the same unit growing side by side… you will see the difference… :wink:


You know what I’m talking about right seedlings grow tall and some time fall over to the side how do u deal with that


The purple Marco seed was the first to pop them white widow just waiting on Chen dog !!!


If that happens, it’s only because of 1 of 2 thing’s… either theres not enough light or your watering to much and the plant is damping off… :wink:
Both situations aren’t good… :wink:
In hydro it will happen if the water levels are to high… when using rockwhool or clay balls and things like that…
if all’s your using like me is neoprene collars…
then water level is crucial…
that’s the most important thing I worry about , but it’s the simplest thing to adjust… lol


So u don’t sit them in water and it’s cuz the humidity is too high? Lol explain easyer damping??? This is what I’m doing

. The bubblers I made the clones are mint I just learned how and where to cut clones it’s almost ment to bee


it’s the start couldn’t wait for the bigger bubbler to get here so I found out how to from ppl at ilgm thanks it’s my first grow with dwc


@peachfuzz is it possible that it could be to much humidity under the dome??? ! And clones don’t need that much light right. image|375x500


I dont put domes over my clones…
And yes they will be fine sitting in the tray as long as there is a lil air stone in there… :wink:



Ok thank u when doing dwc do u leave the water in after they root they pic up above is what my clones are doing them dying


Your going to need alot more air pumping into those totes… and I would get rid of the domes for a hour or 2… and see what happens… :wink:



Ok I probably should keep one on one off see what’s better thanks I put a seed in the bubbler too does that need air? Do clones need lots of light