Hydroponic first grow


? I guess that won’t be for along time


Hey when they say check the run off what do they mean can u walk me through it please I figure it out I did give her a trim she’s got some rash on it’s leaves but it’s still growing strong



@PurpNGold74 look at purple macroine she has been topped twice so far got only one clone so we will see


I found the bin I’ve been looking for grabbing it today hopefully


Run off is checking the ph of the water coming out of the bottom of the pot when growing in soil.
You do this to check your medium ph.
You water with 7.0 water into your medium, you get out 6.0. You’ve dropped a whole point, which means your medium is probably lower than 6.0. So you’ll have to continue watering 7.0 until you get up to 6.5.
Usually when bringing ph back up or down, you don’t want to make the ph change too much too fast. I usually try to water with in 1 to .5 higher or lower ph to change it. @Lostscuba

I’ve seen a lot of members with those totes including myself. Don’t forget to paint the lid black or grey! Nobody like algae, or root rot!


I’m getting root rot in my black 5 gallon bucket I’ve been using parrania 30 bucks for little bottle but there’s more white roots then brown I’ve been putting frozen water bottles my tubs do fine because I change the water every 5 days but slowly getting it done hopefully this tub is there so I can just have one big system


I’m gonna see what day I started I think :thinking: its about 30 days maybe


30 days in veg? Or 30 days from seed?


30 days from seed just got first clone off of it yesterday hope fully it goes but it’s called purple Marco


Wish my plants were that big 30 days from seed!


It’s crazy that’s why I witch to hydroponic I got plants 2 months old and it’s bigger then em


Best decision I made thanks to @peachfuzz @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74


Oh c’mon… You are killing me. Best decision ever… “Wonder twins activate…growers unite, form of an eagle”
Sorry baked I am!!!


It’s fun to watch your plants grow a lot everyday and I’ve never seen a bug.
My setup is way simpler than most soil grows too, almost boring.


I’ve had a couple bugs but nothing serious and same here man I just love working with them cloning the one part I still haven’t mastered is clones out o 10 I get 7 maybe but it’s still better then none


I am so mad man I went to get my box :package: and they were sold out I’m pissed I’ve been :rage: Wait and looked every ware thought I found the one but I guess not anyway he’s the first week for my new seeds and clones be fore and after


I just gotta mention that “fragile handle care” !!! Is that cardboard you have right there water logged & stained?? You may wanna ditch thatafter too long scub!!!


You can definitely see the comparisons though. They are looking good, chugging along…


No it’s not water longed it’s just there to keep my make shift tent up those are hydroponic buckets so the only water there is in the buckets but eventually I will get new one I haven’t found one yet I might make out outta 2x2s