Hydroponic first grow


Ok yea like once a week type og thing I’m moving slowly but I’m here 8 buckets running and more to come soon no dirt but mothers but I don’t know what I did but the plants have a skin rash



all seeds but one @peachfuzz look my friend I
Getting there 8 buckets in total :seedling::canada::person_fencing:


I’m gonna hook em together to keep the water cooler and more oxygen when water is moving for 5 bucket system is like 7 or 800 hundred crazygo. A start making them to sell


When I start running hydro I do plan on doing water change once a week also.


Dang… . Lostscuba, man you got plants everywhere, in the kitchen, living room, grow room, garage, back yard, bathroom, bedroom.

Thats the way you do it!



Of course more then better just like girls :joy: and I’m only in batchlor apartment


Still got a little root rot but there’s more white ones then brown so I guess it’s slowly working and I thought it would be easy my place smells like fish aquarium


Not in the back yard it’s freezing out it’s winter here but I do put some in yard watch the crack heads steal it


Love it man, blessings to ya


I love my weed growing it is like taking an art class it’s different every time same with the strains


Well my plant family just grew by 5 jack clones afgan and some Randome’s I lost faith in the hot house then I pull her out she’s doing better then the bubbler is the water for clones supposed to be cold or warm @peachfuzz @Covertgrower


Cold. Just like normal conditions. Under 70° above 65° ish @Lostscuba


Ok thank once again I find hydroponic grow way faster. Should I trim leaves so it can grow bigger


Some people trim the leaves. I leave them. I think it’s safe whatever you want to do.


Ok my plants are jumping up got more clones not from my bubbler the hot house dam bubbler even sense I put it on the floor only got 3 clones outta the bubbler why what am I doing wrong


I had my lights on 24 hours a day now I shut em down for 4 or 5 hours


If I run out of starter cubes can I just put it in a bigger and use clay pebbles to keep it up I ran out of little cubes. I need a quick fix can’t grab any thing tell the end of the month and I don’t want this little stick stuck in my way



Yes the clay pebbles will be fine to use as support. Should work. @Lostscuba


When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave."*