Hydroponic first grow


That’s purple Marco almost a month



Looks good Scuba! Are they Clones?


No those are seeds hash passion ture og and a lost seed. That’s og kush or hash passion I will find out at flower time but I have a bunch of clones in my bubblers soon it will be mother’s in soil the rest in buckets so for I have five air pumps couldn’t fit my last bucket so I guess I’m getting An industrial air pump any suggestions??? @Covertgrower


I don’t have any suggestions on an air pump. See what comes up when you search industrial air pump?


I found one


I use these:


I run six 2" air stones on one of them at a time (max). If I need to run fewer, I either use a smaller manifold (4 spot instead of 6) or I cap the plugs on the manifold just using a wire nut.


Yea thTs what I’m grabbing from vivosun


I have a Vivosun one too. One thing I will say is that I keep these pumps outside my tent. They generate a TON of heat.


Really I just changed my ballast to. 1000 and it’s way to hot I’m gonna have to put a vent in do u know how to use ph ppm pen I need help


What brand of the PH and PPM/TDS pens? Got pics or a link?

I am a hydro grower, I definitely know how to use them. :smiley:


Me too just learning going to all hydroponic just mother’s in soil I got 6 buckets but only 5 going because of air problems


Update on purple Marco and a lost seed either og or hash passion


So what kind of help do you need with the meters? Calibration?


Um I had it working but I think it’s defective I did the calibration it worked for abit then went all s screwie


here’s update


Yea the pen was wacky I went got new one came wit little screw driver @Liljoe had to go buy another bottle of that stuff for root rot this time it was 30 bucks last time it was 15 and 30 for bud candy but I’ll never buy buckets there again 8 bucks to 3 bucks at Home Depot :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph:


So did the Piranha help the roots tho @Lostscuba ? And the bud candy is 15 and piranha was 30 lol u mixed them up


Lol I guess that’s way I’m lostscuba yes or the frozen water bottles but now that I got a 1000 watt light in the closet it’s even hotter how many times do u change your water every 2 weeks


I have not started my hydro set up yet, waiting for a couple girls to finish. But in my clone bubbler I try to change every 4 or 5 days.