Hydroponic first grow


I gotta make a reflector myself all I got was a cord with big socket


My CMh system is a Digital ballist and I’ve hade same 2bulbs for 7 grows and they still going strong also if you are looking led there are a lot of knowledgeable peeps here the one that I talk to about led is @dbrn32 he will help u build your own will give you all the info u will need let him know what you want to do and he will point you in right direction he helped me build the one I use to veg with


I got the 1000 watt vivosun my mh has been going for a year


Cmh a lot better than mh or hps. They both have significant drop in output even after a few months of running.


Ok send me a link I’ll check it summer I’m gonna need more I heard if u mix ur lights up they grow good


I have the 600w ipower light and ballast and its worked good for me my 1st time


Not to confuse you more @Lostscuba but you have probe start & pulse start bulbs to consider as well as the magnetic & electric ballast. Electronic ballasts do not need the starter probe to jump the arc. This is my understanding, ppl will chime in surely. Just throwing it out there.


I grabbed 1000 watt bulb the brand is vivosun I got that because I already have one 600 watt and it had never let me down well I got u here do u know the brand rootfarm


I totally for got to show u guys it’s been 11 days sense the last public view so here’s the Canadian bubbler doing it’s thing doesn’t work good for starting or clones but veg I guess it does it’s job. Here’s my first hydroponic grown plants clones from my Afghan purple maroc



Root farm the all in one light with legs? I came across it once looking at LED’s. I did t think much of it but don’t know anything about it if that’s what your talking g about?? Looks like you have clining down!:+1::sunglasses:


Have u used there nutes before I grabbed some it was on sale


Negative… I’ve never ever ventured away from :fox_face: farm! Bud candy one time in an outdoor grow


I grab some bud candy couple days before 35 bucks for small container the root farm smells like sensi part a so I think it’s same just different name I never used nutes before I started it on my second run this is the third indoor so I’m trying to figure it out there’s so much stuff u know. @Medic58


Most of my growing is aquaponics the system i have running now is a 330 gal fish. Tank with a 55 gal swerl filter 150 gal sump tank and a gravel flood and drain grow bed. Ill post some pics this weekend just harverstd all the beats today. I want to try and do a grow in aquaponics this summer

All this is mabe from ibc totes and plastic drums


For sure I like see pics of others stuff gives you a better idea of what’s up drop a line every ti
E u can


Nice, tag me on the photos if you don’t mind, would love to see them.


Taged you in the post of my dyi ibc system


Hey thanks for the tag. … was a checkin it out…


You get your root rot sorted out? There was a lot of cross chatter in the thread and I might have glazed over the answer. :slight_smile:


yes I sure did gotta put frozen water bottle in it and that stuff finally kicked in the nute for root rot did a water change today found like sand or dirt I don’t know how it gets in