Hydroponic first grow



@dbrn32 can u tell me what ones better I’m putting in my closet




Anyone alive @Covertgrower @Liljoe @PurpNGold74 @peachfuzz


Yea im creeping around. Round outta likes when i caught up over here. Hows it goin Scub?


I refuse to use e ballasts… sorry my friend , i only use magnetic…
Cheaper and more reliable and bulb life is way longer with magnetic ballist… :wink:
Also no interference with certain radio waves or high frequencies… :wink:
And if there is a problem with the ballist , i can usually buy a few parts and fix it myself… :wink:


Have no idea. I’ve only used magnetic ballast too.


Ok I have a vivosun 600watt ballast had it for a year it runs every time no problems so I was thinking going with the same but no one has heard of vivosun


What do you mean magnets @PurpNGold74 @BigDaddyCain @garrigan65


The links im looking at are up above


I was on the wrong topic :man_facepalming:t5::joy:. Thought u said something about magnetic


Lol that’s why I tagged u cuz I’m confused ones magnetic or not I only thought there was 2 lights led and ballast. @Killadruid


What do u think @Killadruid


Thank yes there are 2 different kinds of ballasts mag and digital i run a digital one with my hps. I know eye hortilux uses digital balasts. Depends on the bulbs you want to use also some are made for only mag and some are made for digital. Many digital ballasts will have a soft start feature, used to slowly release power to the lamp to extend its bulb life. Magnetic ballasts will just send the full power straight away and this can reduce PAR output over time. Digital can also sense when the lamp is almost used up and will shut the unit off when it is not running optimally, letting you know that your plants aren’t receiving the best lighting.


I have they are a decent company. I got this ballast reco.ended by my area grow shop. I can tell he grows lol. Ive heard vivosun its a decent ballast.


Yes my Vivosun does that start slow then it gos higher 4 settings 200 400 600 then super hps what I’m asking is what one of those should I get I’m just going with hps and mh


I would go with vivosun i like thier product more then the ipower. It seems like a better product. More stable between the 2 it would deffenetally be the vivosun


What kind of hood are you using im looking into a new hood for my hids


I have no experience with HPS or MH. I’ve only grown with LED.
Best I can offer is go with what your budget allows for, and which one would give you the best results.