Hydroponic first grow


The temperature changed by 8 just putting it on my floor keep going down that why I had them up my floor is really cold 4 feet gap to the downstairs apartment


Why didn’t someone tell me that before it sounds like it does wounders have u actually tryed it ???


Yes, and another grower mentioned it to me, and I followed his advice. @Lostscuba


@Lostscuba Frank at the hydro shop gave me the advanced nutes Piranha benificial root fungi to use for avoiding that from happening. I was looking for hydra gaurd I read about on forum but he said the Piranha is used for that instead


And I can get that from green and clean they sold me a pump for 25 bucks next time I went they wanted 60 bucks but I’m hitting them up soon as I get payed buying a bunch of stuff from there do u know if there ballasts there are any good and is there anywhere cheaper then them @Liljoe


Ya they have it there in stock.

There is anoth shop on Lasalle but their prices are ridiculous compared to Green n Clean. I got all my stuff their when I grew almst 20 years ago and went straight back there when I started up again about 1 year ago. I have bought several 1000watt and 400watt lights from there in the past and never an issue. I have went to buy stuff and he has been honest about telling me about stuff I dnt need to spend money on and such. Always good advice too. Hope they can help you out buddy. Piranha there was 31bucks for 250ml and Bud Candy close to 15bucks for 250ml


Yea it wasn’t him or his wife some other guy u can tell he was looking for prices and adding money on top so they wouldn’t notice what he was talking but the lady was the shit she hooked me right up as well I’ll be coming home with a big box tomorrow


Ya she is pretty good too, she knws her stuff.


I am going to hit it up now they sell the socket end for the ballast for the bulb


Yes they should have the sockets u need @Lostscuba Too bad we cant exchange #,s I have a couple extra sockets and would have gave you 1 :confused:


Yo I went and got one cost 30 for the socket and 170 for ballast but it’s only600 watts u can get vivoson 1000watts on line for a 100 bucks but yea I still bought it :exploding_head::triumph::face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused: supposedly these ones got pop it’s gotta a braker



Nice Nice Lostscuba, Gettin all kinds of goodies! …


Trying too more light more bud I hope now I gotta figure out how to make a reflector some how any ideas


Dam that stuff expensive @Liljoe yea same guy there again I guess they sell stuff on line but I’m happy I guess that’s what matters smoking purple crush


LOL Right. .Right Lostscuba, smoking some purple makes everything better!


They didnt have reflectors at the store? They only about 30 bucks I think. U can get a thin 4x4 sheet of auto body metal from maslack on falconbridge and make a reflector also. Get thin metal so its easy to work with


No bro and it’s like 200 bucks for a 600 watt ballast should of went on line but I got heavy duty socket and cord x2 grabbing a 1000watt on line for 115 bucks there ballast aren’t worth it the jacked the price up


What do u think about this one I’m buying one just need help so I don’t buy something garbage can u help me out anyone