Hydroponic first grow


Getting this new system just ordered it will send pics when it gets here wish me luck


Is that aero or dwc? I am going areponics soon, im pretty excited to try it.


Don’t know man this is gonna be my first time trying I just cut clones so they will. Be ready when it gets here I will show pic as I move along I use a hot house

just pic this up gonna get it done Then the rest of the goods here only cost 20 bucks and please guys. Check out my YouTube it’s a little something I started. I suck at videos but gonna try https://youtu.be/lBF11o0STMo


It’s a “Bubbler” DWC system. It works by pumping Oxygen into a nutrient filled water that the roots rest creating a bubble or sprite like effect to prevent the roots from rotting from sitting in water.

And as always, good luck diving into Hydroponics! It’s fantastic and very rewarding! Make sure you watch your water temp, ph, and PPM!


Yea I’m already hooked I’m into it because it’s faster and thanks for the help I can play around tell my real bubbler comes



This is what I got so far

It’s a start. Right ??? https://youtu.be/Ds66_cMnZQg


Yup it’s definitely a start! Although, I feel like you might run out of Hydroton faster than you realize with that small bag


Yea going to by lots of shit tomorrow big ass bag yo it cost more for the buckets 20 for 2


Hit the mother load every thing to get high nigga pie

get high and put shit together


Yeaaaaa buddy.


image image image Move it to the bucket and I got bigger pods to buddy said he gets 2 lbs ever 8 weeks outa the same setup I got this too. @peachfuzz


image image

Here’s the prof image This is all the same tub and pods ask @peachfuzz for more information


@hammer do you have to put air rocks in side the buckets to would like information on the ins and outs it’s my first time


Yo day 2 clone in bubblers. See what’s faster but works great. Bubbling away stays hot in the with just the light I bought a fogger to put inside. Hot Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger Water Fountain Pond Atomizer Air Humidifier HG


How do I set up a res to my bubbler any one got pics please and thank you Thank you marry Christmas everyone and to brighten up my day all my seeds came and get this I used the wrong card and tnsb charge me a 1.53$ for 14 seeds I guess they felt sorry :neutral_face: @peachfuzz @PurpNGold74 @Liljoe @Familyman @shindig153 @JoshawaM @Onlythebest79 @Stryder1961


Cant help with rez question, I have not made a final decision on how I want to do mine @Lostscuba
I am sure @peachfuzz will have answers for you :grin:


What was the question I asked you again I will tagg him and see if he can help@Liljoe @peachfuzz


Here is my veg set up… one control bucket and one tote to hold plants… :wink:



Is that DWC @peachfuzz ? Whats different than AERO??


So the pump pushes water through the top and it just flows by it self into the Rez do I need a circulation pump or does it just flow ???