Hydroponic DWC - x4 Sour Diesel Autoflowers

You need to fill those net baskets all the way up with hydrotone…
Light is getting through and will start to cause algae issues… :+1::wink:


Good point @peachfuzz I’ll do that today. I was hoping they would grow up a bit more but they are staying fairly short and bushy.

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Sorry for the spam, mostly posting this information for my future self.

All plants responded very well to nutrient increase. The small one did have some nutrient burn — she’ll just have to ride the lightning.

pH levels have been incredibly stable thus far. Sitting right at 5.9. Purchased Aspera PH60 tester. Very satisfied for the pricing point.

Have started some LST trying to get some light to the lower foliage. Lights increased to 50% all day today, plants seemed happy.

Biggest questions/things to figure out :

  • Need to figure out how to hang and maneuver fans within the tent. Looking for 16” oscillating fan deal for Black Friday.
  • How long can I go before I dump solution and start fresh. I know most say 1-2 weeks, but I wonder if I can stretch to every 4 weeks with this system. 50+ gallons total circulating.

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In flower I refresh everything every 3 weeks and just top off in between with good ro water and if they get really hungry in between I’ll add some base nutrients with no additives…
In vegg I really don’t feed them much and dump and clean about every 3 or 4 weeks , but the plants hate me for it , but they grow so fast that I have no choice but to try and stall them out… :+1::wink:


As always thanks for the responses/answers @peachfuzz.

I got some quality time working on my LSTing practice today . I realized after seeing some other comments that the nodes on my plants are very short.

I think in my head I understand the mistake and will change light intensity to allow for better spacing next grow. Seems like I kind of made my bed on this first grow.

With that said and speaking on this grow itself — do I attempt to lower the light intensity now to induce stretching or would it be wise to keep on keeping on? (20 inches up at 50% intensity; 2x Mars SP3000).

Last question, I’ve been debating on adding a scrog, but it seems like these plants are staying short and fat. I don’t plan to grow anything but autoflowers for the foreseeable future. So I’m just wondering if it is worth it or not. I do plan to grow multiple different strains after this grow, so to me that’s when the scrog will come in very handy to keep the light distance to flowers equal from differing strains. Thoughts?

Going to tag a few people in to hopefully get differing conversational takes on it. @Not2SureYet @Nicky @neofirebird @Watt-Sun @peachfuzz

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I never grown an auto so I can really say how they react. If it was a photo I’d raise up my lights and make them stretch for the light. If your at your max height I’d say dim them down.


It’s far from over, lol, dim your lights and raise them force the stretch.

I don’t like that lst method of pulling a plant right over, I prefer to FIM them pull the plant apart and spread it out.

You can SCOG @Not2SureYet does it all the time with autos.
Probably better to do it with sativas though.

Plants look good, I’ve made that mistake before to, not all plants care I find, some sativas are so leggy you can blast em. And they just keep growing tall.

I also grow autos right, try to grow a round of indicas and a rounds of sativas if your worried.

Not a fan of scog in autos and I don’t have the time to do it or lst a ton.
It’s just not for me personally but ide like to do a photo one day and fill a big net

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I ended up fimming there three big ones and stopped LST for the most part. Have some wire helping stabilize from the base. Have been tucking the larger leaves to let light deeper down. They seem to have responded well to the fimming. Overall plants seem happy and thriving, I expected sativas to grow taller but it’s all good.

Expect to see them start flowering soon maybe in a week. Will dump solution by end of week. Smell really starting to pick up. Haven’t put the filter on quite yet, enjoying the aroma thus far.

Got 16” fan for $30 from Black Friday deals. It’s hung in the top right corner. 16” is seemingly a bit much for the 4x4 tent — I would recommend 12” but can’t beat the price.


Your plants haven’t grown tall because your hammering them with to much light lol.
Watch your node spacing. Should be ideally about 1" between each set of leafs.

Good call on the FIM, it’s the way to go with autos.

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Ya lights are up 30” now. I’ll be better about the lights next run, but I’m still happy with the process. I can think of a lot worse issues than “ya got too much light”. :wink:

The previous post was 7 days AFTER fimming. Here are pictures right after fimming for my future self.

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Those Fim’s are a little short try to give yourself a bit more leaf. Leave 20%

Yeah I know I made the same mistake just blasted em with light and ended up with a little bush lol

Thanks and ya I had the same retrospective later that night when I looked at the images. I know one I went so short I basically topped it lol.

I know a successful fimming creates 4 main flowers, but I honestly can’t say after a week if I was successful in doing so. Never been around a marijuana plant I’m still second guessing what is what. Everything seems to look good though — we shall see. :smiley:

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Either way it will live, if you didn’t do anything you wouldn’t learn.
That’s what I tell myself. When I torched two 7ft tall northern lights plants in my garage by leaving a heater on to hot overnight haha

Haha ya the light is a learning curve. Regardless though, if they produce anything I’ll be happy this first go.

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