Hydroponic Beginner DWC

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(I don’t mind if y’all tag others in here to help out with those that know more about Hydroponics DWC) Thank you so much :100::grin:

Here is my grow box I ordered. It’s my 1st time in everything. Hoping and praying everything goes well.

Here are dimensions of the box and also everything I’m using in the box from water to nutrients and

Cash Crop Dimensions: 34.75" Tall x 15.75" Wide x 11.0" Deep (18" LED side lighting included)

Planted in rapid rooter on Friday Aug. 6th at 7pm this picture was taken on Monday Aug. 10th at 9:35pm

Same plant :seedling: Picture take Tuesday Aug. 11th at 1:36 am

Taken Tuesday Aug. 11th at 3:57 am

Taken Tuesday Aug. 11th at 8:23 am sprouted.

image image
Taken Tuesday Aug. 11th at 9:11pm

These are pictures of the Water, Nutrients, Seeds and Feeding Schedule.

image image image image image image image image

Now back to the seedling :seedling:

Taken Aug. 12th at 3 am

Taken Aug. 12th at 11:44 am

Taken Aug. 12th at 11:24 pm

Taken at exactly the save time as the last one above the reservoir holds two 2” pots but I am only growing one for now. Also on the feeding schedule, since I’m only growing one in the system. Should I cut the feed to 25% when I start feeding the nutrients?

Taken Aug. 12th at 11:42 pm I added in more pebbles to the net pot around the rapid rooter because some of the light was leaking into reservoir by the plants :seedling: root.

Please take a look at my journal my growmies. All feed back is much appreciated. I’mam looking forward to interacting with y’all. Much love :heart: and peace :peace_symbol: Peace :v::sunglasses:


Good luck!

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That’s a pretty high tech set up. You should do well.
What is the procedure for changing out nutes? Do you have to clean everything out in the reservoir when nute mixture is changed? How often does it need changing?

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I haven’t added in any nutrients at all yet. The feeding schedule says once a week after it has grew it’s 1st true leaves. The box came with a submersible water pump.