Hydroponic Air bubble introduced in Plant tank

So I have a recirculating system with a splash return for air. I also have a air stone under every plant. By introducing the air into the water temperature seems high in reservoir tank and has a funky smell. All new solution and balanced.
So when to say when to much air in a hydroponic system?

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If you go beyond the point of saturation there wont be any negative effects eg. Too much oxygen wont hurt anything

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That’s not good Growmie, temps above 70 can lead to root rot (pythium). What do the roots look like? What’s PH and PPMS of the nutrient mix, air gap between the net cup and nutrient mix and what are you using as a root inoculant :love_you_gesture: post some pics of your set up, plant and roots


Welcome @TripleAaron to the forum. That funky smell is telling you to change your water out.
You can freeze a couple of 2-liter soda bottles filled with water and drop in your reservoir each day. Just let the bottles help keep your system cool between 64-68F. A lot of growers implement a water cooler to automate this function.
Also you should be using a product like Hydroguard from Botanicare to protect your system and enhance your grow.

Two major items that can devastate your crop.



I think I figured it out. I had heat mats under plant tanks and pushed temperatures as high as my air temperature of 95 plus in temperature to clear 5 kPA. Thanks for the intelligence!
The lower temperatures will end my burning of tips up and down, along with hurricane winds by bursting fans.
I have been fighting a .6 PH drop per day and having to correct. Most likely due to evaporation and high temperatures. Thanks for helping me put this together.
Tight Buds!

Evaporation and the plant drinking, yep. A bigger reservoir minimizes the pH drift, if you’ve got room to grow in bigger containers next time around. :v:

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