Hydropod ph is uncontrolable

im trying my first hydropod i check my water every day and the ph is way to hi i bring it down it goes right back up im using the clay rock that come with the kit . i check the rock with vinager there was no sign on fizz any help thanks so much

I believe vinegar is… a pH adjuster. It takes it down… but wont hold it there. Let me tag some hydrp gurus. @BigDaddyCain @DoobieNoobie @peachfuzz u guys got any solid way to drop ph? And keep it dropped

How much water is in the system? Water volume plays a big part in how fast the ph will change. All ph adjusted water will slowly drift back to where it started. The larger the volume the slower it changes. Also some ph adjusting chemicals work better than others.

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Yes vinegar can adjust the ph as well as lemons lemons will drop it faster but vinegar smells really bad you have to use a lot to get it to work

Cool did not know this

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Yes sir. Over 50 gallons and it’ll hold ph for several weeks. Also north of 50 you don’t have to change your water weekly. I only change mine at the transition to flowering nutes. My small one is 65 gallons. My big one is 100 gallons.

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