Hydroguard substitute

Does anyone use Bayer Serenade as Hydroguard substitute ?

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I do! I use the powdered version add it 10 grams a gallon, (or 2.5-3 grams a litre in my case) :smile: then use as usual hydroguard… 2 mls per gallon…

all good so far buddy!.. I love it actually, was a little expensive up front, but I cannot buy hydroguard in oz… and i have hydroguard for life… :smile:

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Thanks heaps for ur reply mate. I use HydroEdge it works but pretty x’y when using 100l res’s. How do u increase shelf life ?

Do you use powder and liquid can u get both ? Thanks heaps for ur reply Kettle

u can get both but it may be different in your country… I wrote like a whole thread on this… :smile:, just search for it… :smile:

Thaks Kettle I’m in Qld and bit warm here hence the problems

a lot of good info there bud… give it a read and get back to me…:smile:


Too easy :+1:

I use Great White.

Exactly why Bayer, monsanto, Scott’s miracle grow can all go pound sand.

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