Hydrogen peroxide to water ratio

How much hydrogen peroxide do you use in distilled water to pop the seeds?

I use about 1/2 cap full to a shot glass of water

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@Bobbydigital Is the purpose of the peroxide to crack the shell?

30-50 water to one (3%H2O2)

Ratio of 3:50.
I was struggling to get seeds to sprout so just tried the h202 method. I added 30ml to 500ml of demineralised water then PH’d to about 6.2 and expanded a jiffy pellet with it.
Seed wasn’t soaked before planting and sprouted in 3 days.

It helps soften the shell but also adds oxygen to the water.


@Bobbydigital enough said I’m goin with your mix thanks Brother! :v::call_me_hand:

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Works for me every time. Typically within 24hrs it has sprung a tail. My blueberry auto has taken the longest to date and that was 36hrs.


@Bobbydigital is it normal for a seed to sink?

Most people look for it to sink. I’ve never had one sink though.

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@Bobbydigital how long do I need to let the tail get before putting into soil?

This is where mine usually are when I dropped them into the soil


Thanks brother :v::call_me_hand: