Hydrofarm T5 Grow Light System

I’m curious to see if anyone has experience with this grow system or something similar. I live in MA so I purchased the Hydrofarm T5 Grow Light System to start seeds indoors to eventually be moved outdoors. After germinating the seeds I plant them in solo cups of happy frog soil. I haven’t used an indoor light system before so any advice or help is appreciated!

keep the plants close to the T5 lights, 3" distance


I agree with @kabongster keep that t5 close to the top of the plants. I use a t5 for my seedlings and keep them a few inches away and it seems to work pretty well.

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Yeah I ran T5 the whole grow and kept them real close. Do be careful if the plant touches the light it will burn.

@kabongster @Jmesser80 @Smokin_ernie thank you guys for the responses, I’ll make sure to post some progress pictures when I have the light up and running.


Seedlings generally like a bit of warmth and humidity so I use a t5 tube light set right on top of the dome of this with a plant heating mat underneath, if you already have the hydrofarm set up, you can always add a dome. I have used The clear plastic salad greens containers with a few holes poked in the top


I have this hanging over a work bench to keep vegging plants maintained under, once they have outgrown the dome an transplanted to thier next pot.
It was recommended in the ILGM links section

the whole grow you say? how did it go? that’s an uber interesting idea to do

Yes the whole grow! haha I did ad some cfls to the mix but not sure they did a whole lot to the grow. I added them as side lighting to get the lower buds some light. I switch out the bulbs to 2700k for flowering and ran 6500k for veg. Out of 2 plants I got about 1.5 oz. One of my plants struggled and did not yield nearly the same amount as the other plant probably 3rd of what the other one was. I was also on a strict time schedule. Had to force into flowering and had to cut them down sooner then I would have liked. Minimal amount of electricity increase on bill. It was my first real grow and was very happy with end results. I used a 4 bulb 2ft light. Definitely going to try them again and may even ad an additional T5 light. After this experience I would go with a 2ft light for one plant. rather then the 2 plants but that is just me.