Hydrofarm HGS14 Clear 14-Inch Saucer, pack of 10



good find…I’m amazed when I see saucers retail $10-$15 for one…and they are plain brown pieces of plastic.

If I may add, the 14" saucers fit my 5 gal smart pots pretty snug. So if you’re like me and use a wet vac to clean out run off, the 16" is easier to get the wet vac nozzle into. Nice buy though.

I have 3 different brands of cloth pot sand all fit with room to spare in a 14" Are you sure you are not referring to 12" post? I had that problem myself. 12" is really snug on 5 gallon cloth pots.

Bottom line all… Measure the diameter of your pots before you order saucers :smiley: LOL


Na, I doubled checked and they’re 14". The wedge shape nozzle on the vac, I have to bend the tray and wedge it in. Cracked 2 trays already. Maybe my pots have stretched. Idk lol. Not sure if you can see it in the pic.

I see the pik. Looks perfect to me :slight_smile:

Why are you breaking saucers with a vacuum? That is a 1st for me. 12 years moderator; Never heard that one before.

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The nozzle on my wet vac bends the side of the tray as I reach the bottom and has split the plastic where the tray walls make their bend but since I last posted I was able to get a little more room by shoving the pot to one side of the tray. I think this has solved my problem. Thanks! @latewood

You should not have to use a VAC on your saucers. Too much solution applied, or too fast.

I thought I was supposed to water till I get run off? I’ve never overflowed one but usually I vac out the quarter inch high water out of it. This takes about a gallon and a half water (5 gal smart pots) to get run off. Is this to much or should I just let the run off absorb back into the pots?

That is what the saucer is for. You leave the runoff, and if the plant needs it; The runoff will be wicked up by the plant and keeps it from drying out. :slight_smile:

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