HydroFarm Active Aqua Grow Flow System Issues

First time with a hydro system. Purchased the system a few weeks back setup per instructions but having water level issues and a few setting issues with timer. Has anyone else used their product before?
Link to system: https://www.hydrofarm.com/p/active-aqua-grow-flow-ebb-and-gro-controller-unit-w-2-pumps/gfo7cb


Ok after running for a few weeks now and working out the kinks I have found the issue and it’s not anything I was doing! This thing was starting to make think I was dumb. I have been having an issue with the timer and it not running correctly after setting up all cycles. The shop didn’t know what was going on with the product either. I got in touch with the MFG and oh there is a known issue with the Timer. Apparently they have shipped product to the US with a European voltage Timer on it. So when using it stateside it speeds up and doesn’t keep time worth a shit!! New Timer coming from them shortly.

Sorry I never saw you post, hope you got everything working.

Once they get me a new timer all should be good!!!

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