Hydro vs organic super soil

Hey guys and gals
So I’m just after some first hand experience from someone who’s done both setups in depth. I’ve done a few dwc grows over the last 2 years however the bud quality has never been fantastic so I’m considering going down the organic super soil road. Considering I have started 1 or 2 plants in crappy potting mix, I have never finished one off but I’ve noticed the smell from these small plants is alot more complex and cannabis like, one small plant has overpowered 4 large hydro plants. In the beginning it had to be the fastest and largest grow possible but now I’m after quality over quantity. Any help is much appreciated, cheers.


I am switching to Super Soil. I am tired of mixing nutrients and even with adding sugars to my bloom regiment, the taste is not as complex


Would anyone care to explain the reason why we have a veg and a flower stage regarding nutrients and why we need different nutrients for each stage? I cant help but think in nature they would grow in the same conditions from start to finish and no one swaps the nutrient types or strengths. The only thing I can come up with is that it comes from roots growing down into a more flower friendly soil composition the deeper the roots grow ie more P and K in the deeper soil layers. Is this where it all stems from? Not trying to reinvent the wheel just trying to get my head around why theres so much hype about the 2 different nutrient stages. I feel like the change stresses plants more than it helps them. Cheers

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I have seen folks grow hydroponically using only the General Hydroponics Trio (Grow, Bloom, Micronutrients) but yield was effected… This grow I just finished was the Trio plus Calimag, Hydroguard, and sugars…

DWC grows huge plants but… it’s more detail oriented. Reminds me a lot of maintaining a “fish with live rock” salt water tank…