Hydro setup 1 plant

A question from a fellow grower:

i live right next door to a cop he knows that I smoke but I don’t blatantly do it out in the open I sit in my little storage building my question is in your opinion what would be the best possible or type of hydro grow room for one or two plants that I could grow for personal use and be undetected

that’s a fun one since you will have to buy things that show up on your doorstep have carbon filter exhaust and nicely sealed room since anyone who has ever been around green weed would tell you it has a very distinct smell. You have to worry about trimmings smell deliveries not an easy problem

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That’s funny my neighbor is a cop to but I have carbon filters all the things I need to keep the smell down and it works out perfectly

I’d do it but already have all the gear

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Cops tend to not s#it in their own backyard. As long as you’re not throwing it in his face, he’ll most likely leave you alone.

Carbon filters carbon filters carbon filters…

They also tend to have cop buddies come over and you are not considered in their backyard. They know very well what that smell is.

I agree with @Donaldj and @hillcrest21678. Containing the smell will be your biggest concern.


FloridaSon is right most officers will leave you alone unless you do something to force them to report their concerns about a neighbor and he will most likly not be able to get involved I know that happens where I am.
Plus the crap he would be taking from work mates :0 Its better to leave it and hope it never gets found.
Do your best to not force him or her to do their job. Thats what I would do on both sides.