Hydro, playin around


separated veg and flower plants, now with these 4 in flower area. 5 more strains in veg area. Then put Purple Haze and blue dream seeds into rockwool 2 days ago.


Cut another wwa down today. Grew this one by putting seed directly into 6 inch rockwool center, 3 inches deep inside block. When roots hit bottom of the block, the entire thing went into dwc. Now I have a Purple Haze and Blue Dream from ilgm that popped today that I will be repeating it on.


So how many ozs from this single WWA do you think?


Maybe 1 1/2oz at best. My WWA stay pretty small. Turned 100 % cloudy at 60 days. Have some other auto strains that get alot larger, but are way behind on maturity.


That’s fast! The auto I’m growing (outdoors) seems to be taking its time! Over 3 weeks already and still just a tiny seedling! But I’ve already figured out they can be strange that way. Growth spurt could be right around the corner. :sunny:


Yeah, they’re growing either roots or leaves.



Oh my God! I’ve got to cover that song! So funny!


my last wwa will go down next week. Had to cut 8 lower branches off another cuz they were almost all red, but upper branches are not that red.. Hopefully I can harvest 1 flower area soon, my veg plants are getting overgrown. With my new Purple Haze and Blue Dream seeds both up, am trying to juggle 11 strains in 2 areas. I am in over my head with this grow. But am having fun.


Finished cutting down the auto, 4th this week. Moved another auto into her place. Both were planted at same time. The one on the left is barely showing pre-flower, while other is harvestable any time.

. Second pic is a MegaJackpot photoperiod wishing she could move to flower area, at day 70 of veg.


Cut down the last of my WWA today. Started with 20 seeds and had 100% germination. They were great to learn with cuz of the fast growth.


. I had to cut the roots of both of these plants almost all off 2days ago. They were too dense for water to circulate and got rot. Ended up cutting off 14 inches of yuck from each. Guess it’s only fair to share my failures too.:confused:.


Apparently all is not lost, both are having new growth. Looks like I will have 1 set of roots for veg, and a new set for flower. Going to have to go back to a sterile reservoir.


The plants look great. If you could convince them that they don’t have to grow so much root . . . !


No kidding. Used Superthrive and butyric acid for way too long.


Ended up cutting off the roots of a third one today. It’s an auto that refuses to declare it’s sex after 75 days under 18hr lights. Had to bend over 3 branches to lower height 10 inches. Nowhere to move it to 12/12.


Do they freak out when you slice off their roots? Or do they recover right away?


They act like they do not even notice it, no drooping, etc. I did add root stimulants after I cut them off, and have bunch of new white roots already. What I’m really stoked about is I finally solved my bucket temp troubles. I have been fighting high temps ever since I started in November. Trying to keep single 5 gallon buckets within temp range was next to impossible. Frozen water bottles, Ice pops, insulated buckets…lol. Nothing has worked well before now. I just lowered res temps from 77 to 62; took 15 minutes for each bucket. Hoping the insulation on them will keep it cool enough for a couple days. Needs one more tweak before I put pic of it out.


only problem I have found with root pruning in the past is they tend to become even more bushy and branch far more I hit them with garden hose every now and then to detangle them :wink: and clean out build ups. Flora Kleen helps too breaks up bio and chem matter a simple 1hr flush then back at it

Looking awesome though


Thanks for advice. I have Florakleen, will definitely give them a soak tomorrow. @peachfuzz glad to see ya around, you have been missed. @Hogmaster thanks for the record number of likes, when I saw that number by my avatar, I was freaking, lol.