Hydro, playin around


Floralicious plus is an organic additive which will cause residue buildup every time… anything that’s organic in dwc will cause this… :wink:

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I finally managed to neglect my 1 coco plant to an early grave. Why? It was getting taller, so I moved it to my second grow area. It was under a MarsHydro600 initially, but the other area has 1000 watt(278 true) both lights have virtually identical true watts. So basically the 1000 watt light burnt it, even though the distance from both was about the same. That was a real eye-opener to me as far as which light gets better penetration.


Damn dude I’m sorry for your loss!!



Its all good. found a male today on those single taproot seedlings, so guillotine time. And then pulled up my mega-jackpot girl cuz she was so far behind all the others. Still have one mother of her that is doing great, so I don’t lose the strain. So 3 down today, Am waiting on 6 more strains from Robert to get here, so I need the room.:cloud_with_lightning:



Always something to learn with this Hobby… :wink:

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@peachfuzz no kidding, I thought 1 had 3 WWAs, then 1 grew male., So now I have to try to figure out what the other 2 of the 3 really are. On a side note, I went down on Alvarado street at the Pioneer Chicken Stand, got ounce of Chemdawg/Tangie mix. Really smooth taste and up high; no couchlock at all. REALLY liking this one.


Res changes in 1 grow area today, and I have not ruined the roots yet, so good day.


My one grow area is fast getting overgrown, 2 these 3 autos growing kinda more like photos, for sure. Had to switch for 18hrs on to 16hrs on, they are huge and have not gone to preflower yet. I waited 10 days to change res water, boy did they spring up overnight. Will not wait that long again, stay with every 7 days. Hey Tree, you gonna be amazed how much the girls will like your new AC. Your humidity may vary.


MIght have purchased an old bottle of floralicios, and it suffocated the roots. I did not see a picture. later, lw :slight_smile:


think I may be on to something, I have 3 experiments that All have roots like this coming out of 6inch square netpots


I like those square net pots dude! And great roots going!!



Changed 9 buckets today. The ilgm WWAs are maturing faster than other auto plants. Had to bend over main colas trying to get canopy out of the lights. 2 of my autos are just growing veg so I eased lights from 18 to 14 to try getting them to show some pistils, at least.


went to hydro store looking for ORCA to supplement hydroguard. Ended up with a free pint sample of this other brand that is made a few miles from me.


Moved my sprout into dwc today. put solo cup under water until the roots came clean. Then 1inch layer of clay pebbles, spread roots over them and filled rest of netpot w/pebbles. Water started at 84 degrees, couple ice packs brought it down to 73. It stays there with insulated bucket. Filled bucket to 1inch ABOVE netpot bottom so it reaches roots, ppm at 700, pH 5.5


Gave plants a Marine Recruit haircut this morning. Took it all off the bottom and sides, flat on top. Bent top colas over for the second time to keep the tops of plants even.

my transplant into dwc yesterday is all perked up and happy to be swimming, really looking forward to seeing how the roots are in a month.


I’m watching and learning and seeing that you are having fun, too…
I see your insulation…I’m holding off, the temps have dropped 5F into the mid 70’s in the grow area, and they’ll be dropping more in the days to come…it’ll be an idea for next summer’s grow :wink:

nice looking garden, the transplant looks like it belongs in hydro!


switched lights a few days ago to get a couple of plants to tell me their sex. Got my first answer this morning as one of the boys showed his parts. Oh well, I needed the space anyway and to retire earlier style buckets… still waiting on 2 more to declare themselves. My first grow, I couldn’t see well enough to catch it early, now I keep 2 magnifying glasses in grow rooms and check daily. Having fun copying @ktreez420, to be honest. Just put 5 cuttings together in rockwool with Clonex dip. When I read that your dad taught you growing, brings back good memories of when I was 15 and my pot disappeared. 25 years later, pop admitted he smoked it cuz he heard it was an aphrodisiac. Good Times.


haha copy away dude, it only makes me happy and smile when I read comments like that! Smart move with the lighting to get sexes to show!

I used to steal my dads weed ALL THE TIME as a teenager lol, but now it’s the other way around, he’s always stealing my stash!! It comes full circle lol, one day I’ll have my own little weed stealer!



areas filling out quick. Should have 4 wwa ready to go in one month. Had to do some roots trimming on 2 plants. Apparently when roots hit bottom they got too thick to let nutes circulate, so I cut them off 2 inches above bottom. Just got a 6 strains package from Robert, gonna start with Purple Haze in honor of Jimi


Well, trimming the roots didn’t help on the one plant. Trichs cloudy tho, so she donated herself to science. Maybe get half oz if I am lucky. She was not in an insulated bucket and got root root. Trying to keep insulated buckets cooler. So far roots look good, using ice pops as coolant. Take em out after 1hour, once temp lowers, then stays at 72, which is working so far. Been putting 10 of them at a time at res changes.