Hydro, playin around


Rockwool inside dwc 3 3/4 inch netpot.


Waiting on my 6 inch square bucket top netpots to get here Friday, will be moving 3 of my grodan block’s into dwc.

the bottoms of the block are getting covered in roots. I will end up trying to grow total of 12 individual dwc’s, 1 soil, 3 grodan ebb/flow. Majority are ILGM WWA’s. and 1 pic to remind @peachfuzz of his favorite grow room floor🙄


It’s great to see you having fun and growing some beautiful girls in hydro @bryan! Keep it up dude!



The new Hydroguard addition took 2 days to work. Truly effective at making everything in reservoir grow. Including algae. I am finally going to have to paint my buckets black. It’s a good day, cuz Hydroguard is going to do the same thing to my roots. I will miss my yellow buckets, for sure.


I bought black buckets and spray painted them white today to see if it will help. I figured it has to help keep water temps down! I have tons of HydroGuard too lol, got a bunch of free bottles when I was at the cannabis convention earlier this year.



just got back from hardware store with a quart each of black, white paint. Wjll start with black. I just could not bring myself to remove the colors from the room, so second coat of white will have to go on.


6 inch square grodan went into 3 new buckets today. And got new automatic humidifier. Hung my air pumps lower also. Can’ t believe that I am up to 12 buckets.


same plants 17 days apart after using @ktreez420 dwc transplant technique. They are 32 days from seed. Roots average 1inch growth daily, just started stretch 2 days ago. The ones on ends still not showing sex,. And my single–root ilgm WWAs chug-chugging along there in front


Killing it dude, I love it!



got some R9 water heater insulation, cut to fit new buckets. Plan is blocked light and dwc bucket temp control.


Dude, I’m so glad to see you doing this because I actually am doing the same thing, except with different material!

One experiment I’ve done was took a black 5 gallon bucket, and spray painted the outside of it white.

Second experiment is to use thermal insulation tape and place it in strips around the entire 5 gallon bucket.

Both methods will aid in light reflection, as well as bucket insulation to keep water temps lower.We’ll see which one turns out better, but it’s awesome to see you trying a similar method! Let me know how it turns out!



Thanks, will soon have most of buckets switched over to insulated,. Lol. Looks like I diapered my buckets,. Temp down 3 degrees so far, now 73.

. 9 additional bucket tops with 7 inch square netpot will get here tomorrow. They don’t leave room for ice bottle, plan to try those frozen ice pops in plastic tubes to lower temp, then hopefully insulation will keep it cool.. Then a pic of reason this auto plant has me hopeful.


Lol hotest day of the year for me so far at 87f My res temps stay nice and cool under my canopy though I suspect soon enough even with my larger res which takes a long time to warm may need to look into insulating?



got 1 grow area with 6 insulated buckets. Moved my WWA single 1 inch root and straight to dwc seedlings, they are doing well, only lost 1out of 5 to transplant shock. They are the front insulated buckets. Currently have 7 strains going, and waiting on next 6 strains of ilgm seeds to arrive.


. My only Coco plant needed stem support. Found some rubber cord at craft store and tied all stems to center. It’s like a rubber band, so stems will be able to move as it grows. Destiny has spoken and my 1soil plant decided to go to the boys room. No more soil for me.


Killing it dude, great job @bryan! You’re not just playing around now lol!



Hey Tree, did you prefer Foxfarm or GH nutes?


GH, they’re much cleaner and don’t leave any sediment behind. FF was good though, I just prefer GH Flora line. I’m going to try their other line soon, but for now it’s the Flora line. So simple and the cheapest out of everyone.



I am having a hard time with residue from floralicious plus, Micro, or both. You know of a Clear version of fl plus?


@latewood would know!