Hydro, playin around


am sure hoping it lives, cuz I have 4 more that will be ready to go into dwc in a few days, on 36 hours old now. Just finished adding 3 more buckets to the room, a little rearrangement and tweaking. Total of 9 buckets, 4 are waiting on my ilgm wwa sprouts, hopefully tomorrow I can move them. Getting hotter than Hades here, 102 degrees yesterday with no relief in sight. This morning I bought a new upright freezer, lol; told wife we needed it to freeze meat and stuff to save money. “Why are you putting all those water bottles in the freezer?” I want to make sure it works, I reply with a straight face. Growroom temp with AC on is 83 degrees during days, 102 degrees outside, nine 5 gallon buckets, 18 frozen water bottles. Never dreamed I would require a freezer to grow pot!


122 degrees in my area till Friday… :fearful::angry::sweat:



Yeah, but it is a dry heat,lol


Unfortunately I live around alot of farm land that they tend to flood during this heat… so for me it’s a sweltering hot which makes it feel like 160 degrees. … :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I feel for ya @peachfuzz. The good news is there is farm land to grow in. Well, @ktreez420, thanks for the motivation. Decided not to wait. Just transplanted all 5 of my 2 inch tall seedlings into dwc buckets. Had to trim some of the plastic on bottom of netpot so the roots could fit thru and get in the water. I recommend doing it with 2 day old sprouts before the root grows much, cuz it is easier to fit root thru bottom. One may not make it; have handled her too much cuz root was too big to fit thru easily. Put humidity dome over each one and crossed my fingers.



It’s13 days later with roots going wild.

my Chia head gal. One has 16 inch roots on a 5 1/2 " tall planttop view of Chia. . All of these sprouted June 1st. And went into dwc at 2 weeks old


The top 2 pics are the same plant roots, 5 days growth.


My new adjustable air valves arrived today. Always fun to have a new toy!



So Bryan. You ain’t just playin around anymore . . … :grin:


@arpeggio still playing, just getting better at it. The people here have instructed me for the last 8 months. To be honest, my brain was fried when I joined here from being in diabetic coma for a few days. It took awhile for the brain to kick back in.


@ktreez420 all 5 of the 2 inch seedlings seem to be making it!

. The first ones I used your transplant technique are kicking azz. 1has 21 inch roots in dwc that is only 12 inches deep the Chia head has 100’s of roots .


Man your kicking a$$ !


It is a lot more work when you start getting the hang of it. No more blissful ignorance and shitty pot. (I hope). Not to mention that I get to look and see how roots are growing, heck that’s half the fun.


You’re killing it dude! You’re going to have such a great harvest coming up! I’m jealous lol



Vital statistics -roots are now 23 inches, 8 inches tall, 18 inches wide. Res changes today, all we’re showing phosphorus deficiency. Same plant 12 days before..


So I tell you, Bryan; this is one of my favorite threads! The green thumb was there from the top of the thread. But the progress in sophistication is really cool and inspiring. (Though no WAY I’m goin’ there! :smile: )


Thanks @arpeggio It has been a challenging journey, but so well worth it. My learning curve took awhile to stop looking like a slinky going down the stairs. In the old days, it was said that Hydro weed was the best, so I started with hydro, knowing NOTHING. Been a hell of a journey, but getting closer to finding out if the stories were true.


lol while I’m a hydro guy, and I’d love to say “Hell yea it’s the best!” but it’s all subjective honestly. I love all my weed, dirt, soil, or hydro! I can guarantee you’ll love it too haha! I started in soil and went right to hydro. I personally think it’s the best way to grow, but that’s just my opinion!!



I am finally getting the hang of hydro, I have a variety of hydro. The dwc plants are twice the size as my soil, rockwool and Coco plants. And I did realize today that the best part of growing is being able to see my complete root system whenever I want. I feel my best decision was to get an RO filter, as my city water ppm was 420. Since the changeover, I have seen my pH finally stabilize. I used to add 5cc pH Down per 5 Gallon bucket to get it to go down. Now I dilute pH Down with water at 1/3 strength and use 1 cc in a 5 gallon bucket, so I have gone from 5cc to 1/3 cc of the full strength pH Down. Now 1/3 cc per bucket drops pH from 6.2 to 5.5