Hydro, playin around


Yess that makes me so happy to hear that you used my technique and it worked!! It’s always worked for me, but it makes me feel good to know @bryan!

Keep me updated, I definitely want to watch and help out if needed.



Ya , I’ve taken your methods to the extreme with great results… much love for @ktreez420:wink:
I blame you and another friend of mine for getting me to jump into hydro … thks my friend @ktreez420
Glad to her your feeling good and doing good… :wink:

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@peachfuzz you’re awesome, thank you for the kind words! I’ve seen your plants and you are a great grower dude! I feel so good knowing I have influenced people in a good way! Normally I’m the “bad uncle” who lets the kids get into trouble and do all the dangerous, questionable things lol. But someones gotta show them how to live life, right?!



I will be needing all the help I can get, for sure. The Coco transplant went cool, put the solo cup directly into Coco, it left perfect hole, popped it out of cup and into hole for a perfect fit. There she sits proudly in her homemade grow box under 4 200 watt cfl’s, each 45 true watts.



Panda plastic arrived, put it onto grow floors, did window blackout above the ac with it. My WWA is first seedling up out of 7. I used a quart size food container as mini humidity dome on each one and they fit perfectly on 3 3/4 netpot. They outgrow it in 8-10 days and they get a nice kickstart.


The Butterfly Effect in action… @peachfuzz had mentioned using plastic sheet on grow room to protect floor. I ended with Panda film. Now 5 days later and I finally finished my grow room remodel.


Lookin good my friend… disco ball is a nice touch… lol :wink:
Play that funky music… lol :wink:

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Still need to tweak it some. The one area is sealed with a panda curtain now and humidity 25 , temp 90 when sealed


I am really liking my RO filter. I have a new nute concoction I am using it with. When I ph to 5.5, the water slowly drifted up, .1 every day; all 6 buckets did it. 7 days later all ph’d at 6.2. Put 1 1/2 cc of pH Down per 5 gallon bucket and back to 5.5 they went. That was 2 days ago. Today they are 5.7. Seems like a perfect drift thru the best ranges over a week time.



had to add 10 cc GH Grow to the buckets today after bottom leaves began yellowing from Nitrogen deficiency. The roots have started growing like gangbusters now. I did learn today that my airstones have to be placed at the same levels in the buckets. Was checking buckets and saw that airstones in one of three buckets was not bubbling well. When I went to pull them up, they started bubbling strong again. It seems that 2 of the 3 buckets had airstones in mid-water of bucket, while the one not doing well had stones on the bottom. As I raised the bottom one, all three began to go strongly. Lesson = keep stones at same depth in your bucket.


I use adjustable valves to keep them all balanced


Thanks for your advice.


just ordered 2 metal 6way adjustable valves. It makes my day every time I get to tweak my grow room!


Trying the Coco on 2 two gallon pots this time around and know little about it. I have 1plant up. When I checked the runoff it was 7.3. then I checked my 6 grodan block’s, they were at 7.1. I have been wondering why the block’s plants were not growing much after they sprouted. When I flushed them all, I forgot to pH water I used to do it. Spent hours last night and this morning flushing till runoff back to 5. 8 on all. I had to flush w/RO water at 2.0 for 3gallons to get Coco pH down. Once done… I watered them with nute solution at 8oo ppm.


damn @ktreez420 what did you do to my roots ✓. Your transplant technique caused first plant to grow roots 12" below netpot in less than 2 weeks. The other plant has roots so thick it looks like a head of hair.


So simple, right?! It makes me feel so good to know that you’re using my technique and it’s working flawlessly! Great job @bryan!



taking dwc to the extreme , transplant 2day old seedling . Only has single 1inch taproot. Hope it lives, had to move it out of Coco. Entire plant only 2 inches tall, including the root.


It will live. This is actually a technique I was working on. Germinate the seed until the tap root is as long as possible, then right into a net pot. It works, the only problem was getting seeds to consistently germinate with long tap roots, without them dying lol

Great job dude, I love to see you experimenting! Essentially, you just propagated a seed with no “medium” (technically the water and hydroton would be considered a medium here, but you get what I’m saying!). It doesn’t get much better for hydro growers!