Hydro, playin around


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May 26

I used that light in an open area , so the reflector on top was just to
help direct light down to plants…
Not sure if I would line the inside of your box with it either… [image:
Just trying to give you different ideas of things that you can do… [image:
Got any pics of your tote setup…?
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[image: :v:] [image: :sunglasses:]


Wild, Bryan! Man, you’ve got a green thumb. Are you in Southern Hemisphere? Surprised those little guys hit maturity in May . . .


South Texas here, growing inside


Sorry my friend , I didn’t realize that this was your thread… :wink:
@Lilpaul3986 you should start a thread so that we can talk more about your set up without high jacking @bryan thread… :wink:

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hey, it’s all good, I learned something already. Luv the white rubber paint idea, wish I had used it inside my homemade grow box instead of mylar. I like seeing what the rest of the world creates.


and so it begins again. Ended up with 8 quart jars curing now. Definitely could have been better quality all the way around, to be honest. New grow using RO water, hope it helps. Water I had before had 420 ppm


Get all of those cords and pumps off of the floor and up on a shelf or screwed to the wall or hung from the ceiling… any of those ideas would be a safer alternative my friend… :wink:
Also get that FRP for your floor , it will reflect a lot of light back up to your plants… :wink:
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thanks for pointing that out, will think on it,and come up with a better plan.maybe sit in room with door closed and have a smokeout.


lol, did all 3. Hung 1 pump from shelf, 1 cord outlet screwed to the wall, 1 pump from ceiling… Amazing how quiet it is in there now.


got everything clean, hung in the air. Went to store for FRP @peachfuzz but damn, would cost me 70$ to cover both areas of room. So ordered 6ml panda film and use white side up and taped on to floor., Under buckets.




Nice and tidy and safer… looking good my friend… :wink:
Panda plastic should be just fine… just not sure how well it will hold up as flooring… we shall see…:wink:
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Love the cat litter container method


Room is definitely 100% better, thanks for the advice. Not sure if the Panda will hold up, but I bought 6 ml, most were 5.5 ml Plus 10’X10’ piece was 14$. That will leave some to blackout the window above AC. As for the buckets, the hinged lid comes in handy when checking water. And I am a cheapo,lol.


Great looking setup! 4 lights? What are they?


have 2 MarsHydro 600, 275 true watts, 2 cheapo 1000 watters, 265 true watts. All together they cost 520$. The Mars has more white light output than the others, but the 1000 watt definitely get more penetration into canopy when they get bigger. I can’t tell which one grows better, but if I did it again, I would go with the MarsHydro.


Looks awesome dude, but I can tell you from growing in DWC buckets that your plants will get huge, pretty quickly. Just keep that in mind when setting up the buckets and allowing for ample space for each plant to grow is important.

Will you also flower them in this same grow area? Just wondering



Hey Tree, how ya been? Hope your blood sugars are behaving. Going all Auto this grow, so plan is to go 18/6 for whole grow. Yeah, I have too many plants in the one area, for sure. I have 2 areas now, 1 is 3’x5’, other is 30’‘x40’’. Just finished using my new meter on the buckets, all now at 5.4 - 5.5 and ppm between 600 - 660. Using new R/O filter this time, but have new ratios to use for pH adjustments. Somehow, using good water means I need maybe 1/4 as much pH Down as before with my tap water at 420 ppm. I do have plenty of room for the plants to stretch, but so far my tallest plant was only 34’’.


Haha thanks for asking dude, I’ve been killing it with my diabetes though, I won’t let it hurt me down the road so I do everything I can now!

You’ll see a major difference in growth from soil to hydro growing. Its beautiful. Even with autos, you’ll get a good yield since you’re running in hydro. For pH you’ll actually want to be between 5.6-6.0 for hydro.The sweet spot is 5.8! And yea, better water with less TDS will usually buffer pH better. You never know what solids are dissolved in the water, so we don’t know what could be reacting with the pH up/down to make it more or less effective.

I’ll be watching tho, I’d love to see you grow some monster autos!



I hope I get some monsters, for sure. Testing out auto seeds this time around. 3 plants from one seed bank, 3 from another, and 4 ilgm wwa’s. I did throw a photo seed in the mix, and I transplanted my first coco coir attempt into it’s pot today. I used @ktreez420 pics of transplanting a seedling into dwc net pot, worked like a charm. So far all the kids are surviving all the roots washing and Leca hitting them.