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Found some seeds on my dwc big bud/herer cross from the autoflower pollen. The seeds are huge, My poor eyesight has failed me once again. Time to cut her down. Figure I may as well cut down my ILGM WWA in dwc also before she shows seeds. She is around 90 days from seed. Hey @peachfuzz thanks for your support thru all this. PS-like your new avatar.


Ya , he’s my new hairy kid… lol :wink:
Will always be here for you my fellow cultivator… :wink:

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Down came the WWA. And my bigbud/herer too. Then ran out of time, will cut my other auto in morning


. Before and after pics of the third auto. All 3 plants looked totally different.


plant number 4 bites the dust


No tent in sight! Hey, great pics; thanks much.


Im at 30" tall 36" long and 16" deep and need help with light selection. Dwc is a 6 gallon resivor are 3 plants possible in there or just 2 i will be using scrog i was durected your direction for help im this matter


How are your temperatures in your area…? it sounds like a good LED light might be what your looking for… are those dimensions the size of the tote that your using…?
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I built a box from mdf and did flat white ruberized roof coating to make sure mold and mildew cant ruin my box this is before and after i added 1’ extra room to give total of 32" from top of dwc and to inside of the ceiling



Love the rubberized coating idea!


You might have to go with t5 and cfl lighting… it doesn’t seem like you have that much room to work with…:thinking:
LED lighting might be to powerful and might cause damage to your plants… :angry::rage:
You might need to go with a 150 watt hps/MH set up with a cool tube… :thinking:
So give me the exact inside measurements that you have to work with…:wink:
I’m gonna call in someone that love’s to engineer things like myself to give us a better perspective on what you’re trying to accomplish…:wink:
@Donaldj you have any suggestions for his set up?



Lol I like it just think the clincher is going to be lights and cooling it’s a t5 space much like my mother and cloning space too much heat for conventional HID and too short for larger LED units which need height but could do a pretty nice t5 scrog :slight_smile:


Looking at powermaxx cfls on amazon right now full spectrum cfl 24 watts each so 8 should take good care of 2 plants i think


Not sure about those bulbs , they didn’t give any details on Kelvin number … you want 6400 k for veg and 3500 k for flower… I just get the cheep 6 pack that they sell at home depo , they have both Kelvin ratings there… :wink:
Here’s a pic of something I built out of an old bathroom light when I was first starting out , it works really good… :wink:

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I hAve supplemental lights, got 4 bulbs and 3 Y connects for around $50. My RO system arrived yesterday, ppm 20 coming out, 420 going in.


finally pulled these 3 world smallest fully mature clones. They are 6 month old. I literally pulled these out of the trashcan, stuck in pot and left outside.


The flat white is about 80% reflective but the stuff your hood is made out
of is 92% i looked at it at lowes last night my concern is if i line my
walls with that it could trap heat inside with it even tho i will be using
a 4" duct and a 500 cfm adjustable fan with a passive intake 10" tall and
6" wide


I used that light in an open area , so the reflector on top was just to help direct light down to plants…
Not sure if I would line the inside of your box with it either… :wink:
Just trying to give you different ideas of things that you can do… :wink:
Got any pics of your tote setup…?
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My dwc? 30" long 14" wide and is 6.5 deep but im going to go from 4 holes
to 2-3 and im going to lay the new 1/2" board ontop of this one so will
give me 1/2" to 3/4" more room as far as pot clearance to the bottom of the