Hydro, playin around


Your plants are looking beautiful … it seems like you have a lot going on… I just scrolled up to see what I might have missed and i totally missed what you have going on , which is alot… LOL
but they’re looking good… :wink:

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Also I would suggest that you pick up a sheet of FRP , which is basically fiberglass reinforced plastic that you can throw down as a temporary flooring , not that the 70’s style flooring isn’t cool… lol…basically it’s only about 1/8 inch or less thick very strong and durable and cleans up super easy… but it comes in a white 4’ × 8’ sheet and can be cut to fit any area and it will reflect light back up to your plants… just a little FYI… :wink:

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Thanks for the info. Will check it out


@peachfuzz thanks for the tip about the frp, will definitely get a sheet. about $33 bucks at Hardware store. I am always looking to tweak my grow area if I can, and this will be a nice addition to my areas under the lights. Appreciate Ya! Kinda stoked today cuz someone :wink: sent me 13 different strains of autoflower seeds, I will be putting most of them in my grodan/clay pebble containers.


Just finished my plant harvest “first one”. Totally cleaned,dry weight was 69 grams. Then I put 9 different Auto strains into my grodan contraption. While looking online for some Boveda packs, I happened to see some “water beads”. Each bead was barely bigger than a pinhead. When soaked overnight, each grew to 1/4 inch round. So I put some liquid febreze and water in a cup. They each filled with the solution and I put the cup in grow room. Now I can smell febreze thru 2 clos÷d doors, no pot smell. I am trying to figure out how to mix all my nutes together and make little nutrient beads, just not sure how I would use them.


<img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/b/7/b718afdbb1cba2d47d77908ba5099b6fd8dd0030.jpg" width=“375” height="499"my 1st>


an update on my tea bottle experiments. The tomato plant grew too tall. The mj plant is still alive somehow. I had to LST my dang tomato plants today. Other pic is my new foam bed for my soil plant per @Hawkeye_diesel suggestion.


I put the foam into kitchen trash bag, then put 5 gallon container with plant inside onto foam. Watered with 3 liters water till runoff into foam. There was a good amount of runoff in bag. When I rechecked it 2 hours later, all the runoff had reabsorbed into the pot, and foam was mostly dry. So now I am thinking about whether I can just water my soil plant from the bottom by pouring water into the bag and feeding from the bottom.


my WWA’s seem to be doing good. Pic is 4 plants at day 45 from seed. Net at 16 inches with top colas 2 inches above it.


Looking good


my grow assistants supervising my inhalation technique


finally decided to let my second plant have a dignified passing. Took her outside to see the light first. Then I got real high and took the other 2 pics.


went out of town for 2 1/2 days for dtr’s wedding. Had 5 white widow auto that were planted Feb 14. All grew differently, going from 12 inches to 22 inches tall… The smallest plant had the biggest buds, the tallest had smallest buds. I had to change their lights from 18/6 to 12/12 When I got back, smallest plant looked a bit different. Apparently all 5 had one hell of a party over the weekend, cuz all of them had tuxedos on this morning, and are clearly now all groomsmen instead of bridesmaids. Only took them 3 days to do it. Luckily 4 of the 5 were well into flowering before they hermied. I will add this to another of my many learning experiences. So all were cut down. On the bright side, my other auto girls now have the room they will require. They were planted after the wwa’s and most are not yet in preflower. I still have 1 wwa left that is in preflower, plus 3 photos in another section. I hung the shebehe s outside the grow room.



first grow of white widow auto from ilgm. 4 plants under marshydro 600s. Totally cleaned came to 6 oz even. They have more red hair than a Jewish grandmothers convention. Here is what surprised me. From seed to harvest was only 60 days. So I ended up with 6 oz. Just grow for myself, and don’t smoke 3oz a month. Think I may be sticking with autos.


pics of a photoperiod growing in 6 inch grodan second plant is ilgm WWA started in dwc on March 1st


The ilgm WWA spreading into net and buds still need to grow a bit. My other autos are growing quickly. Then my one soil photo. Plus my dwc photo.


Lots of colors looks like a work of art.


my ilgm WWA buds are growing fatter, second pic is what happens when you overspray with atomizer and droplets magnify LED and cook your leaves. Then a couple pics of one of my autos at seven weeks from seed. Last pic is self-topped auto that decided it would begin to bud on third node of both sides at 3 weeks from seed.


found some Hermie flowers that had bloomed under some buds on my auto flowers. They had done the job by the time I found them. 8 plants in the room, I am sure my oscillating fan works great. Trichs are cloudy, no Amber. Should I pull now or wait?