Hydro, playin around


Well, the superbubbler cloner was mostly a bust. Got too warm so I switched it over to sprinkler and 3 out of 9 made it. Then other res showed 3 of 5 are boys. I used my cheap regular auto seeds cuz did not want to lose my good seeds if it is a miserable failure.


@peachfuzz I have been obsessing on your nutes and roots plants, cannot quit thinking about them… How they doing; any tips, etc. Am trying my version of the idea, so thanks for that!


I was going to post a scrogg that I’m going to do … with a brief explanation of how I do this… it has to do with my pots and how I up size them without a bunch of media and also how I cram my plants from day one of light flip , because I don’t veg and flower in the same area , so I don’t grow my plants into a screen… I put them in their final home and net them and tie everything down… when I scrogg I try to keep my plants in a 12 to 15 inch height in my canopy… pics will explain better… I take pics tonight and post tomorrow… :wink:

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sounds like how I scrog :wink: Screen on day I flip doing bulk of training during stretch


Do you know if it’s hard to transition plants from hydro to coco? I got a small hydro starter set/cloning machine was just curious if it’s a hard on them to transition


I never had any luck in coco, but if my memory is right, @Usmcjojo is one of the coco gurus


Couple pics of my sprinkler res plants. Larger ones are autos. 27 gallon res with 5-8 gallon of nutes in each one, 1 pump, 2 sprinkler heads, no supplemental O2 so far


Finally moved into my first soil grow attempt. Moved 3 autos into 7 gallon cloth pots filled with Happy Frog. My sprinkler plants still going fairly well. Cut 6 clones from a monster cropped Blue Dream, then put them into the neoprene collars to root with the mother plant. Filled res with 15 gallons so spray heads barely above water level. Finally added air stones to res and switched nutes to Maxi series powdered nutes.


looking good, the buds are filling in nice…how did the dose of questionable old nutrients go?


I changed the res after 3 days,it turned the roots black from humic acid. that res is looking poorly, hat is why I took clones before it deteriorates any more. The other res with Remo nutes doing ok. On soil grow with Happy Frog, I assume I use just ph’d water with no nutes for awhile?


I have experience with FF Ocean Forest only…and to be honest, for that soil mix, some people use no extra fertilizer the whole grow, others start adding nutes about flower time and others add nutrients at the start of veg…you could test some run off to see how hot the soil is…and wait to see what someone that has used it can recommend…


looks like it may not have been all bad. I filled res half way with gh maxi powdered nutes after 3 days of the floralicious plus OD. Added 2 airstones to res; keeping sprinkler heads just above water level with full spray. Here is where it gets interesting…Initially the roots were hanging straight down and black color. Where submerged, they are still dark and stringy-looking, but do look a bit better. BUT where the root is in air and getting sprinkled on, the dark roots have pure white roots growing out sideways from them. She is growing taller now. To me, it looks like the air roots are doing better than the same root mass submerged in nutes.


I’m at a loss for that, the hairs not in water but just above…a fast response and a fresh reservoir saved her :crossed_fingers:

soil/soiless takes so long to dry out addressing mistakes is a slower process…my girls are still sad looking, better but not promising…the leaves got dark and funny looking, curvy and leathery… the new growth is lighter more normal…I have two 2 year old ILGM Norhtern Lights seeds going, one has sprouted so far…lucky I have a good stash :wink:


they usually do getting primarily atomized water and nutrients rinsed off constantly and far more air than roots in the nutrient solution. This is one of the main advantages of NFT and aeroponic systems more air :wink: true nft systems use 1/4" layer of water running along a mat through roots never really submerging them entirely


Yeah, I was not sure if when I used the sprinkler inside the res w/o supplemental o2, whether or not it would work. 1 res has plants that will be ready next couple of weeks, grown using Remo, sprinkler, no supplemental o2.


Root pic showing white new shoots in aero zone with kinda nasty looking lower root submerged. Res on right is 2 monster cropped amnesia haze with 1 mc Chocolope between them. I cut 6 clones and added them into same res to root. Top of res has 15 smaller holes with neoprene inserts for cloning plus six 3 1/2 holes for plants.


Santa just brought me 8 new strains to try. Dropped 1 each of 4 strains - Tutankamon, GSCookie, Pineapple Chunk, & Gorilla Bomb.


Last of the 4 popped out today. Now begins the dance How much to water, mist, how close are my lights, when to remove humidity dome I started Tutankhamen seed directly into 6 inch grodan block. Other 3 went into seedling soil using a clear Solo cup that was placed inside a red Solo cup. This lets me check root growth without disturbing them. For humidity I used a quart size clear food container over both.



My new strawberry seedlings, DWC/Sprinklerponic res clones, then my first time soil