Hydro, playin around


Took some top colas off the ilgm purple haze


Very nice @bryan just doing sime catching up onboard neeads bro great work bro :+1:


After nine days in sprinkler system with Remo nutes image|374x500



Update on Chocolope and amnesia haze in Remo


Lookin awesome, you have inspired me to look into building a small system. Will be watching


I love the way the ladies are filling out, looking good!!


Coming along nicely I just got 2 WW cuttings rooted to start my second hydro unit up though my first 1 is in cruise control right now training everything down every other day


Yeah, after a year in 5 gallon buckets, these 27 gallons are like autopilot. Only technical difference is ph control; 5 gal : need ph down, 27 gal is first time I ever used ph up and I need it every 3 days. Bought some granulated potassium carbonate for phUp. I like it cuz it adds a bit of K and O2 to the nutes (K+CO3)


If you slightly lower ppm your ph will be more stable your plants are drinking faster than they are eating :wink:
Sorry let me explain since I answered wrong ph is swung by ammount of nutrients left in solution so if plant drinks faster than eats ph goes down eats faster than it drinks ph goes up
so when previously your plant was eating far faster ph went up now it has more space for roots it is expending energy increasing roots again so eating slightly slower than it is drinking.
An emphasis should be put on monitoring ppm as well as ph it will help you track so if ppm is raising top off’s would simply be ph’d water and if ppm is dropping you would add nutrients to top off mix to adjust both ph and ppm.


so tell me if I got it yet. The up/down has always confused me no matter how many times I read about the relationship. PPM too high for plants makes ph go down. PPM too low for plants makes ph go up. or is it the opposite? I have 2 different 27 gal res, different nute lines, both stable ppm at 1100 despite ph swings lower. Plants in full flower.


First off there are a few things to keep in mind during veg a plant will be quite happy at almost any ph within 5.5-6.2 and actually grow quite well at 6
During flower they are more fussy and tend to favor lower ph 5.5-5.9
the other factor is everytime you adjust ph you add to ppm the higher the ppm the harder ph is to adjust. If you are in stretch your plant will pull silicate out of mix for structure as well as Calcium both of which raise ph since both are Base ph raising nutrients. Before and after adjusting ph make a note of ppm at next check ppm should be moving 1 direction or another if theory holds sound ph will swing opposite direction as ppm :wink:


So I went a bit chop happy today. Ilgm’s all…Purple Haze was cut down and so was Blue Dream clone. Also took top buds from Chocolope, left lower plant intact and split her stalk at base. Pic is Chocolope buds grown in Remo nutes. By far my best smelling, sticky sumbich yet


finished chopping chocolope, also took out my Amnesia Haze in Remo nutes. That was my entire flower room, ready for more trimming, looking forward to curing 4 strains, blue dream, purple haze, amnesia haze, chocolope.


congratulations on the harvest!

no time to rest, you have more plants to fill the space :wink:


Will be moving sprinklerponic to flower area. So far they are kicking ass Then keeping my fingers crossed my bubble cloner works cuz I have 8 clones in it, plus 4 other ready to move now that I started in rockwool awhile back


Went to gulf coast for a couple days of fishing. When I returned, my sprinkler had clogged with muck and barely bubbling. Cleaned out plastic filters and added 1gallon size paint strainer around the pump. Roots dried a bit but will be okay now.


phew, glad you caught it, your garden is too good-looking to suffer any setback!


If they dried some you will want to add enzymes to digest some dead root matter so it doesn’t create another clog and or promote bacteria


I will add more hydroguard now