Hydro, playin around


Man I hate it when this happens, always ends up costing me money. So my brain is saying “surely it would be easy to make all your old buckets into single unit 5 gallon aeroponic flood and drain system”. Kinda like aero Beto bucket system.



You seen what I said about hydro being an obsession right? I wasn’t kidding


Yep, and I got it bad, lol. 27 gal res is sure much easier and less work. Just bought third one to try my “Sprinklerponic” system. Have 6 autos sprouting in solo cups, will be ready to transplant into netcup/leca in about a week. 6 three inch cups, short veg so my roots don’t grow too big. Majority of my troubles have been too long veg time while trying to keep roots in cool enough water using 5 gallon. roots go bad easy. 27 gal is keeping them much happier.


Well sprinklerponic system started today. Moved 5 auto seeding from Solo cup to 3 inch netpots Set timer to run 15 minutes/hr. Filled res with 8 gallons of Remo nutes. A pump and a couple sprinkler parts, new res, and off on another learning experience


Chocolope, amnesia haze now right at 60 days old and stretch is ending. Choco just over 4 foot, AH at 40 inches tall. I have trouble with rust fungus with my growroom, so the leggy plants allow a lot more air circulation and light penetration with lower buds developing better; plus neem oil last night. The Remo nutes do now show some K deficiency on lower leaves, but should be easy fix. All in all, when my GH line runs out, the only thing I plan on using is their ph down.


Blue Dream clone in res with purple haze. Chocolope and amnesia haze on left. Off to store to reorder some Remo


Hey @peachfuzz I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the pic ya ahowed with just neoprene collars, plants and Nutes. Also still have the jacuzzi bubbler sitting around. So today I took a foam floor 2ft square piece and cut it to fit the 27 gal res. Drilled 20 holes on 4 inch centers that are just smaller than new neoprene collars. I am thinking that it will float on the superbubbler water


you are pulling things out of the air and using them in your grow and it’s awesome and innovative…I’m enjoying watching you hook up the pieces and waiting for the whole thing to click, when you grow that monster :wink:

until then, your garden is looking great!


wait till ya see what I am waiting on. parts to make should be here next few days. Recirculating sprinklerponics 6 bucket system. Just waiting on grommets to arrive. Gonna make it out of my retired TidyCat buckets :roll_eyes: parts ran 30 bucks, plus the pump. it will be expandable to any size. @kabongster Anyone heard from @ktreez420 ?


I like it… should work pretty awesome… :wink:
I’ll get you a couple of more pics to give you a better idea of what I got going on… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I was looking at your thing again… are you going to use that for cloning?
It won’t be a good idea for veg or flowering if it’s going to sit on the water… for bigger plants you need to maintain that 1 to 4 inch air gap or else your plants will damp off and get trunk rot… :wink:
I’ll take some pics in a lil bit and post them here so you can see how I deal with this… :wink:

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yep, just trying to make a cloner out of it, with mat floating on top of the bubbles from the Jacuzzi pump. Gonna run it on back covered porch so splash won’t be trouble. will put rooting hormone, superthrive, & a few other goodies in nute solution.


@bryan I’m still here homie! Just been busy with the new business and life. I miss you guys though! Got my AK-47 lab tested, came back at 25% THC, no bull. Super happy!



good to hear from ya. kudos on the AK.


ok, after a tiny bit of thought, I realize the floating part of superbubble cloner ain’t happening. Will support it with something inside the res. The Jacuzzi motor really rocked the first fire-up. Took me 3 months to figure out what to do with it. Had to put 2 bigass rocks on top of the bubbler to keep it on the bottom. I keep looking at your pics ya shared, and ideas keep on-a-coming, lol. If it actually works like I hope, it will seamlessly go from cloner to veg to flower without a res change, just a part switch-out.


Here’s my rdwc flower units…

Here’s my rdwc cloner units…

Here’s my rdwc cloner overflow area if veg unit is full…

Here are my rdwc veg units…

I need to get a couple more pics to explain how I move from container to container through out the process… will post again in a lil bit… :wink:
Got to take pics… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration to my creative juices. Finished my superbubble cloner, gave up on the foam part and used the res lid I was trying to keep from cutting up in case this effort sucked. wth, no pain, no gain. The Jacuzzi motor hums really quietly. I need to find some larger neoprene collars, what ya using to hold the flowering plant?



I use same totes but always paint my tops to keep light and algae out :slight_smile: