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White queen is a goner, cut her this morning. Then Cut a total of 10 Chocolope and amnesia haze clones, kept five and have them in dome in her place. I planted 2 big bud and 1 Goldleaf seed in rockwool slab last week. Roots showing on bottom so I added another 3 inch layer under it. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one.


Following @bryan
I sont ise the rick wool myself just right into soil fir me after i see the tap root ?
And ive had 100% success rate with Iglm genetics
Aren’t tou supposed to cut the cubes apart with rock wool
I noticed you have a big peice there assuming you placed six seeds wven spaced in it ??
Just curious about this buddy


@Countryboyjvd1971 no I think your right, I think he was supposed to cut the slab up in squares sizes to that he needed.


started out with a 3 inch thick piece of rockwool that was 12 inch by 36 inch. cut it down to 12 x 18 inch and fit into container. Initially had 3 clones in rockwool 3 inch squares, and 3 seeds. All were even spaced. Removed the clones and planted outside instead cuz the roots were not reaching down into the slab. That is why 3 seedlings only are in block. I put the seeds midway into RW slab. Now seeds have sprouted and had visible roots on underside of slab. So I took the other half of the slab, treated it, and put it underneath the initial slab. Now there is a 6 inch thick slab, 12 X 18 with 3 seedlings. We will see what I come up with once they get bigger. I now always just place seed midway into rockwool, keep it moist and in 4 days I have new friend. All my plants growing now were started this way. ilgm has germinated 100% for me this way, except for 1 seed 1 drowned. I have DE dusted across the top of slab, so looks kinds messy.


Hey @bryan I think your just confusing the fact that we wanted you to cut the slab into sauares. It’s because the roots will eventually all get entangled with eachother and they will compete for nutrients, which is why plants should have their own containers :+1::wink:


LOL, I get it. My other plants are 6 inch grodan blocks placed in 6 inch square netpot with the roots into 27 gal res. I will try to grow these 3 together w/o moving out of the container. Very Short veg, less that 4 weeks, then 12/12. Biggest thing I find is I can grow great roots; just trouble keeping them alive. I have been starting dwc in 5 gallon buckets, then moving into bigger res. Doing it a bit different this time… Moved netpot with grodan straight to big res before roots dropped, so now I have 2 plants and 1 blue dream clone that have only know the big res and their roots are much better than the ones I moved there with roots already.


What’s your reservoir temp and how many “air bubbles” :wink: @bryan what pump/air stones


5 galbucket temps stayed too high, around 77 degrees. 27 gal res temps 73 degrees. after trying 3-4 different airstones, I settled on some 4 inch round, flat stones. They don’t get blocked with residue, and the plastic part that is inside the stone is twice the diameter, putting out massive amount with 6 in each 27 gal res. each res has own 6 outlet air pump. I started in buckets, but roots quickly fill the bucket, little circulation with high temp gives me root troubles. Moved to big res, still trying to keep res temps lower. My latest thoughts are to freeze nutrient solution in old 3 liter soda bottles, cut open the bottle and plop a huge ice cube of nutes into it.


I use freezies cheap reusable and can add more or less as needed they also freeze again fast so can rotate them easily


trying to work out the kinks since switch from 5 gal to 27 gal. Roots in 5 gal were always too warm, and bucket would go dry in 2 days. After following the water gurus for the last year, I am trying your advice on larger res giving me more stable temps and ph. I put 1 gallon worth in each container and put them in freezer just now. once frozen, will attempt to control temp and nutes by adding 1 gallon ice cubes into res. Trying it with Remo nutes. current 27 gal res temp 72-74 degrees. Surely I could get temp to 68. Just have no idea how long it will stay lower before I need to add another.


Is your pump in grow space? I good trick is to use intake pump line to pull cooler air the heat the pump itself creates warms air which in turn warms water. My biggest issue is usually keeping res warm enough but during summer I did add ice bottles couple of times also colour of res factors black heats up white or lighter color absorbs less heat from lights


My Chocolope keeps stretching 2 inches daily, had to raise light to ceiling hook. She’s already my tallest ever. Checked res temp prior to adding a 1gallon ice cube made from Remo nutes. Start temp 74. Middle pic is Blue Dream clone


. Chocolope and amnesia haze in Remo nutes


dang chocolope grew 12 inches in last 7 days, 4 foot tall now. Remo nutes seem to grow lanky plants. Before this, all my plants are really bushy, shorter. There is amnesia haze in same res but not growing as fast, but is getting the same lanky look. After looking at @Donaldj aquaponic system, I am feeling adventurous. Gotta give it a try.


No fish :wink: (Aeroponics)


I assume with aero system I would not need air pump? And run 24/7?


Not quite aero means air roots actually do bulk of their growing in the air outside of water and are able to get adequate oxygen with or without air pump. Roots are misted and or sprayed at intervals to provide nutrients and water using low pressure pump the action also adds air to nutrient solution. It is more of nutrient film aero hybrid nutrient solution washes over roots via sprinklers then drips back into res true aero is almost like a fog unit but similar in return system


Here is what I ended up with. I can adjust water strength with pump, and sprayer head has screw to finetune the mist. Bottom of 3 inch netpots will have sprayer centered at 360 degree spray 3 inches under them for total of 6 netpots, 2 sprayers in 27 gal res


Hey @bryan is the pump gonna be on all the time or on a cycle, like 15min on 45min off???


I started with a digital timer but could never figure out how to program the dang thing. If I use my other timers, 15 minutes on is my only option. These sprayers literally spray like a lawn sprinkler, so 15 minutes is going to be pretty excessive. Thinking on taking the timer to my buddy to program it. In best case scenario, I am guessing 5 minutes on per hour, but not really positive how to do the timing for best results.