Hydro, playin around


Did some more trimming underneath Blue Dream. Cleaned up and recut and prepped old rockwool blocks into a dozen 3 inch square starter blocks. Another 12 cuttings from trimmings, 3 pails with 4 clones each. Then some Saran Wrap around the entire contraption as a humidity dome. Will leave them alone untouched for a bit


Purple haze had her roots cut off last night cuz of root rot that started before I moved her into new res. Still with 5 inches of white roots that are just above water. Did some grow room shuffle and moved white queen, put purple haze into same res as blue Dream. Moved Chocolope and amnesia haze with their 6 day old roots into big res. Then switched everything I have to 12/12.


Res changed x 2 of my newest 27 gal. They held 18 gallons of nutes each. Ran blue Dream and purple haze with GH line. Other res I began a line called REMO Nutrients. Got 7 quart bottles as free samples and have enough to finish bloom cycles in big res with Chocolope and Amnesia Haze. I did like the simplicity of mixing it cuz all products were added at the same amounts per gallon at 8cc/gal. At full recommended strength of 8 cc, the ppm came in at 1100. So I won’t need half strength.



Playin with some new stuff (for me). Grew 3 clones in 3 inch blocks. When roots covered the bottom, I staked them down onto 12 x 18 inch piece of 3 inch thick rockwool. Just finished planting 2 Big bud and 1gold leaf seeds in the same block so there will be 3 each. The seeds are placed into middle of rockwool 1 1/2 inch deep. If anyone has any tips on how not to screw them up, now will be a good time to share.


I’m watching for responses…I’ve only started seeds in rockwool then put that cube in another media


What I would do is get a little pond pump and turn that tote into a reservoir , hopefully the lid sits down a few inches or at least an inch so that you can set that whole big block on top of it , make sure to cover the block with plastic so that you don’t get a bunch of algae growth , then I would take at least 4 lines off of the pond pump little quarter inch lines and run them to the top of the block… drill some holes in the lid so that way the water can just drain back down into the tote , kind of like an ebb and flow and you’ll have it on a timer so that the pump runs for 1/2 hour every 4 hours and soaks the block the big block not the little blocks and that’s what I would do… :wink:
I can explain more if need be… :wink:

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Thanks. Great explanation. I have the right size pond pump. About a year ago I also purchased 10 miniaturized water pumps to play with. They are 1 1/2 inches long; battery operated, and pump thru a 1/4 inch tubing. Been looking at them ever since wondering what to do with them. This could be fun.


@bryan where did you source your RO system/ what is it called for that type of system/kit?


git it from Reverse Osmosis Revolution. Seems like it was $120 with extra filters. I liked it because it just hooks to the end of a hose. I ended up putting a “Y” onto washing machine and attaching in the washroom.


Thanks @bryan I will look into this


Bad day, Blue Dream died from too many mite treatments. She left with small, immature buds. Everything just wilted. Cut her down and moved her clone into her place. I do want to thank whoever said to put a clear Solo cup inside the red cup when starting seeds so you can see the roots grow. I added third 27 gal res, 6 three inch holes Once they root, transplant into 3 inch netpots, then an early 12/12.


First 2 pics are Chocolope and amnesia haze, born on September 27. remo nutrients.


Sorry to hear of your blue dream, get rid of those mites…everything else is looking great!


my own fault, too much sm90. live, make mistakes, learn. probably get 1 oz out of her, buds are still tiny. And I have a really nice clone of her in flower, and my buddy has 12 clones still. so not all bad, just a dumasse mistake that killed it. I tend to make a lot of mistakes; once. Plan is to try the Spinosad as a deterrent now. I had sprayed all my plants with sm90 solution. The blue dream could not handle it, nor could my white queen. Not sure if WQ is going to make it or not. Sprayed identically were blue dream clone, purple haze, chocolope, amnesia haze. They are showing no ill effects. Took my net down that was holding BD. moved the clone over into big res. cleaned room up. Popped 6 auto seeds into dirt. All is calm in Whoville.


Ok… normally I use a spray formulated out of 2 oz of neem oil and 10 drops of dawn dish soap to 1 gallon of good ph’d water … but was only spraying once a month just because I’m lazy and had a few mite issues do to the fact that I took some clones from a friend… last time that happens…
So now I’ve been spraying once every 2 weeks with (green cleaner) and have been pretty satisfied so far with it… I mix 2 Oz to 2 gallons of good ph’d water … although it dose leave a little residue on the Leafs , it’s been a good product so far… I’m still going to spray the neem oil once a month just because the plants like it so much… you can really see the difference before and after… :wink:
Also I was going to ask you why you keep trying to move up to bigger baskets and rock wool stones?
You want to move away from that… :wink:
Here’s a 3 foot wide and a 4 foot wide plant in my rdwc clone over flow system’s that I made out of a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket and a 19$ dollar pond pump and a 10$ dollar air pump at wallmart and 2 air Stones… under cfl’s mind you… :wink:
2 foot tall by 3 and 4 foot wide in a 2 inch neoprene caller… :wink:

I’m trying to get away from everything… just water and nutrients and oxygen… :wink:

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So after reading your post, I went to check out the girls after lights out. This is definitely the biggest screwup so far this year, but in the interest of fairness, I must share. I added a second 27 gal res to growroom and put blue Dream and white queen in it with it’s own 6 outlet air pump. THEN plugged into timed outlet, along with the new fan. Went in last night and fan is off. I’m like, wth. So the blue Dream and white queen have had no oxygen for 12 hours a day since the change. Getting leg cramps from kicking myself in the ass… may need to add new topic “Rookie Mistake Of The Month” next to Bud Of The Month.


@Countryboyjvd1971. here ya go…pics 2,6,7 are the Remo nutes


That really sucks… but at least you figured out what happend… :wink:
Awhile back something similar happened to me… the air hose was blown off of the air diffuser and was sitting on top of the water… it was 4 days before I realized that it happened , luckily I was still in veg… but this is exactly why I try to drop a gallon every 2 weeks , so that the plants can build more oxygen roots and not get all of their oxygen from just the water… :wink:
Sometimes our best laid plans are no match for when ($hit happens)… :wink:

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@bryan stuff happens bro
It stinks but we all have silly stuff happen at one pount or another
Good catch brother
Nice job helping out @peachfuzz