Hydro, playin around


what the flower room reincarnation looks like this time. Net made from old picture frame I drilled and strung. Blue Dream in back, White Queen in front of res. MegaJackpot left rear, Lemon Auto left front are being flushed.


Nice fat nugs… :wink:
How much longer do you plan on vegging the other two…?

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they are done vegging. Spent the last month trying to keep them short with topping, fimming, severe lst, basically anything I could to not outgrow veg room height limitations (5ft). Now I am hoping for a growth spurt. Veg area now left with a Purple Haze I kept small the same way. Plus new sprouts in 6 inch rockwool Amnesia Haze and Chocolope. If things work out according to plan, I will grow them same as Blue Dream; rooting rockwool across entire bottom, then into 6inch square netpot inside 5 gal bucket. Once bucket fills with roots, move them to big res in flower. But then, the plan seems to upgrade itself without me


Really dig the frame for the SCROG, makes it look very fancy and high class. :+1::+1:


I was asking because if it were me and I was going to do a light flip , I would drop that net down into the plants about halfway and start tying everything down… and really fill that screen out… but you will need to put another one about 8 inches above that net… :wink:
As soon as these 6 girls are out I will be showing you guys how I scrogg… it’s a big difference to what I see everybody else doing… quadruples my yeild… almost gets too full… definitely need good air movement to do it my way… :wink:

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I look forward to continuing to pick everybody’s brain and learn. It is about trying new, different ways that adds to the enjoyment for me. Pretty sure I have the only 6 inch rockwool inside a 6 inch square netpot suspended in air above 27 gal res with 5 inches of air roots between rockwool and water and another 16 inches of roots submerged. I could be wrong, lol. Now to just not screw this up!


I never said that you were doing things wrong… :wink:
I just do things a lil differently… :wink:
Much luv my friend… always remember that… :wink:
I’m no master at this either… I just fumble along trying to make things easier and better as I go… :wink:

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love learning from you and all your experience.


. Last of my autos got cut today, Lemon auto


Cut MegaJackpot tonight. Started seed in 6in rock wool . Cut off and regrew her roots. I took rockwool apart to see root base. Every root below netpot were fine, herringbone shaped, while base of stalk inside netpot was huge. I finally grew hard buds this time. Moved Purple Haze into flower area with Blue Dream and White Queen. PH roots are outgrowing 5 gal bucket so will ‘have’ to get another 27 gallon res for flower area to move it into.



I got another 27 gallon res, will make another plywood top and move Purple Haze into it. I have 3 of my rockwool blocks that I moved into 5 gallon dwc today. Blue Dream clone, Chocolope seed, Amnesia Haze seed. All have roots starting to grow flat on bottoms. Soon to be below the netpots.

. First 3 pics are clone. Then Chocolope, Amnesia Haze. All ILGM. Plus flower area with purple haze, blue dream, white queen.


Dude nice harvest!
You are killing it bud , the plants look awesome :sunglasses:


Made top for new 27gal res, rubberized plywood. purple haze is eyeing it. Probably pull out backup air pump for it. Does anybody know when the overwhelming desire to upgrade your grow stuff will end?


Purple haze in new home


Got my megajackpot cleaned and jarred. 2 quart jars, so maybe 2 oz Jarred 1 1/2 quart from lemon auto. It leaves me with a white queen and 5 ilgm harem.


It never ends I don’t think I have used same DWC unit more than once yet already planning new Aero unit for next round smaller res better sprinkler heads 2 plants instead of 4 different home made net pots to better support top heavy plants bottom drain. That grow will likely be followed by NFT system have to play with it all I always hedge my bets with plants in Pro-mix at same time :wink:


NEVER!!! You will always seek better​:sunglasses::joy::joy::joy:


. Quick picture update. Purple haze on left. Blue dream back right, white queen right front


Chocolope , Amnesia haze after 4 days in buckets